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Resident Evil

Summary: A special military unit fights a powerful, out-of-control supercomputer and hundreds of scientists who have mutated into flesh-eating creatures after a laboratory accident.
Runtime: 1 h 40 min

Language: English
Movie budget: $ 33,000,000
Domestic: $ 40,119,709
International: $ 62,865,153
Tags / Keywords
abductionaction heroineaerial camera shotalice a.k.a. janus prospero characteramerican horroramnesiaanimal attackanimal experimentationanimal in a cageannihilationanthropophagusanti virusantidoteapocalypseartificial intelligenceatrocityaxeback from the deadbarking dogbased on video gamebathroombegins with deathbetrayalbio hazardbio organic weaponbio weaponbiopunkbiotech sci fibite on legbitten by a zombiebitten handbitten in the throatbitten on the armblonde womanbloodblood splatterbloody corpsebootsbreaking a windowbreaking through a windowbritish horrorbroken windowbrother sister relationshipbrutal violencebulletburned to deathbusiness suitcamera shot of a woman's legscannibalismcharacters killed one by onechasecityclimbing through a windowclose up of eyeclumsinesscoffee spillcommandocomputercorporate crimecorporationcorpsecrashing through a windowcreaturecreature featurecriminal mastermindcult filmcurecut armcut into piecesdark heroinedark secretdarknessdead bodydead dogdeadly diseasedeathdeath by gasdeath of sisterdecapitated by an elevatordecapitationdesolate citydesolationdisasterdobermandoberman pinscherdogdog cagedoomsdaydripping blooddrowningeaten aliveeating human fleshelevator crashend of the worldentering through a windowevil corporationexperimentexplosionextreme crueltyfake marriagefemale fighterfemale frontal nudityfemale full frontal nudityfemale gunfighterfemale nudityfemale protagonistfemale star appears nudefighting the systemfinger cut offfirst of seriesfirst partflashbackflesh eatingflesh eating zombieflesh eating zombiesfogged mirrorfrench horrorfuturistic traingardengasgerman horrorghoulgirls with gunsgood versus evilgoregothicgraphic violencegungun in mouthgunshotgunshot off camerahand gunhand to hand combathand twitchhard bodyheld at gunpointhell on earthheroinehiked skirthologramholographic girlholographic projectionhomicidal maniachospitalhuman experimentationhuman statuehuman versus undeadhuman versus zombiehungerimpalementimpersonating a police officerindependent filminjectionjumping through a windowkicked in the facekidnappingkilled in an elevatorkiller dogkilling an animalkilling spreekissing while having sexknee high bootslaboratorylaserlaser cutterlatex glovesleaflive action and animationliving deadloading a gunlong tonguelooking at oneself in a mirrorlurking in shadowsmachine gunmale serial killermansionmartial artsmass deathmass murdermass murderermegacorporationmessagemilitaryminidressmirrormonstermurdermurdered with an axemutantmutationnear futureneck breakingnightnude woman in a showeroff screen deathone night timespanone woman armyoutbreakpart of seriespasswordperson on firepistolposing as a married coupleposing as husband and wifepossessed womanpretending to have amnesiaprotective suitpsychopathpsychotronic filmquarantinerabbitraccoon cityreanimated corpsered dressred queen the artificial intelligencereference to alice in wonderlandresearchresident evilreverse footagescientistsecret experimentseparationserial killersevered fingersevered headsewersex in a bedsexinessshootingshort dressshot in the backshot in the chestshot in the foreheadshot in the headshot in the legshot to deathshowerslaughterslaughteredslide locked backsmashing through a windowsoldiersole black character dies clichespecial forcesspilled coffeespilling coffeespyingstabbed in the backstatuesubterraneansuicidalsuicide attemptsuitsupernatural powersurvivalsurvival horrorsuspensesyringeterrortheftthrown from a traintimeframe 2000stimeframe 21st centurytongue cut outtorso cut in halftorturetoweltraintraitortrappedtrapped in an elevatortubi tvtunneltwitchingtwo way mirrortwo word titleunconsciousnessundeadundergroundunderground facilityviolencevirusvirus outbreakvomitingwaking upwalking deadwhite rabbitwindwiping steam off a mirrorwoman shot in the foreheadwoman with a gunzombiezombie apocalypsezombie attackzombie bitezombie horrorzombie invasionzombie moviezombie outbreakzombie survivalzombie violencezombie virus
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