Massive Game Database 🔒

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So far, we plan to import the ratings and reviews from these sites:

– FandomWiki
– GiantBomb
– IGDb

– VGchartz
– 4Chan Archives
/v/ /vg/ /vm/ /vmg/ /vp /vr/ /vrpg/ /vst/

Other than being able to filter by the most popular games on 4chan and IGN, the more ambitious goal is to use the data from various fandomwikis and Giantbomb to create a demographic filter for fictional characters too. That way we can filter out race-swapped characters.
(This can be done for animations from Pixar/Disney as well of course.)
And then use data from vgchartz to confirm if games with more “””diverse””” characters sell better or not.
We can train facial recognition to detect skin tone of fictional characters too. But obviously this would take a lot of time and money. So please consider donating. Also if you have any suggestions or requests please comment below.


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