We are an anti-woke / anti-corporate movie review site with thousands of filters that help you parse through the BS. We aggregate the Culture War so you can circumvent it. Our competitors let bot reviews manipulate their scores and they self censor legit grievances for fear of being “problematic.” We think decentralization, aggregation, and politically incorrect anonymous reviews are the solution to helping you find reviews you can trust, and art that doesn’t suck.  
(We obsess over race, politics, & finance so you don’t have to.)
Right now big business & wokeness are the main culprits ruining art. In the future it may be A.I. manipulating public opinion. Nowadays TV & movies are being replaced by political streamers & the video game industry. Maybe someday it will be all about VR worlds. Who knows? No matter how society & technology evolve, we will shift our efforts to help you find quality art in all its forms, and to combat disinfo / propaganda / corporate greed while keeping your finger on the pulse.



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