New Media

We understand that Hollywood is dead or at least dying. But the goal of ZR is to decentralize art – whatever the medium. Besides, Netflix & BreadTube are the new Hollywood. Originally, we thought about having users be able to write reviews about content creators and streamers. But on second thought, merely providing a feed aggregator is all we plan for this section.

Thank God YouTube and Big Tech is dying as well. Vimeo and were poor substitutes but it seems BitChute, Rumble, and Odysee all serve as great competition. And soon you’ll no longer have to jump around different platforms to find your censored favorites. You’ll be able to embed the videos all on the same page while chatting with friends who are watching whatever they feel like, recommending & debating simultaneously. 

And just like the filters and list feature for movies, you’ll be able to share custom curated feeds with friends. This will also help make it easier for you guys to crowdsource movie reviews that our algorithms don’t catch. (E.g. videos on BitChute that have no transcript to scan or reviews with meme titles and no explicit mention of the movie.) 
Users will be able to superchat and have TTS audio play. This can be a way for us to finally monetize the site. Premium users (paid or who help us crowdsource a lot) will be able to uncensor curse words, remove all ads, and mute TTS. 



At first we’ll just start with all the e-celebs currently in the database that we’re already importing. But gradually we’ll set up the ability to scrape sites from these kinds of links:

And eventually merging with  to add news feeds of any type (E.g. Counter-Currents, AmRen, RT, PressTV, AntiWar, etc.) as well. You can have one giant mixed media feed that can be shared.

This can be the main homepage you check every day for all of your news and content. Another feature will be the amount of times it refreshes. It’s very expensive to have all these scrapers running, with webhosting fees, server space, database optimization, etc. So free users could have their feeds refresh once or twice every day. Premium users could have it refresh every hour or more. Or something like that. (We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.)
We have big plans for music, comics, books, podcasts and other forms of art. But to start, we’ll just have reading lists and music playlists. Then expand. As for New Media, the only current plans are to make a really awesome feed aggregation. If you have any requests let us know!
And please consider joining our Patreon so we can hire more people & buy more servers, to unleash these features sooner!




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