Summary: A divorced father and a soon-to-be divorced mother meet and begin a romantic courtship which is always complicated by their respective children and their own life problems.
Release Date: September 21, 1999
Genres: Drama, Family, Romance
Runtime: 1 h 00 min

Country: United States
Summary: The world's longest-running television soap, Coronation Street focuses on the everyday lives of working-class people in Manchester, England.
Release Date: December 09, 1960
Genres: Drama, Romance
Runtime: 0 h 30 min

Production: Granada Television
Summary: Evie's mum, Jess, has just married Doug's dad, Simon. They arrive home to find a puppy hiding in their wedding gifts. This magical talking dog will change their lives forever.
Release Date: February 26, 2018
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Family
Runtime: 0 h 11 min

Production: Darrall Macqueen
Summary: Elliot Stabler returns to the NYPD to battle organized crime after a devastating personal loss.
Release Date: April 01, 2021
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Runtime: 0 h 42 min

Country: United States
Summary: Frontierswoman Sayward Luckett's struggles in Ohio during the late-18th and early-19th centuries.
Release Date: February 19, 1978
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 5 h 33 min

Country: United States
Summary: A Chicago-based wizard works as a private investigator.
Release Date: January 21, 2007
Genres: Crime, Drama, Fantasy
Runtime: 1 h 00 min

Countries: Canada, United States
Summary: As America celebrates its 200th birthday, two generations of friends and neighbors in a Chicago suburb explore new freedoms and seek connections with each other in the midst of the socio/sexual revolution.
Release Date: June 05, 2008
Genre: Drama

Country: United States
Summary: Judith arrives at Bluebeard's dark castle hoping her love can convince him to reveal the secrets behind the locked interior doors.
Runtime: 1 h 04 min

Summary: Set in a fictional country called Daeho, it is about the love and growth of young mages as they overcome their twisted fates due to a forbidden magic spell known as the "alchemy of souls", which allows souls to switch bodies.
Release Date: June 18, 2022
Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy
Runtime: 1 h 20 min

Production: Studio Dragon
Country: South Korea
TV Series budget: $ 5,000,000,000
Summary: An intimate portrayal of the daily life of four police officers, where the line between private and professional life blurs out as tensions heighten in the animated and crime-ridden city of Malmรถ, Sweden.
Release Date: January 17, 2021
Genres: Crime, Drama
Runtime: 1 h 00 min
MPAA: Not Rated

Countries: Sweden, Finland
Summary: A groundbreaking 26-part documentary series narrated by the actor Laurence Olivier about the deadliest conflict in history, World War II.
Release Date: September 14, 1973
Runtime: 0 h 52 min

Summary: "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" returns for a second season. Ann Druyan, original creative collaborator to Carl Sagan, serves as executive producer.
Release Date: March 09, 2020
Runtime: 0 h 45 min

Country: United States
Summary: After the collapse of the Yugoslavian government, a former secret agent, now a taxi driver, enters the office of a former university professor, now a firm director.
Runtime: 1 h 44 min

Production: Vans
Country: Serbia
Summary: Comedy and drama in the Miami hospital. Sandy, Annie, Gina, Julie, Hank, Paco and Jack keep things running day and night under the slogan "Here I Am".
Release Date: September 14, 1991
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 0 h 30 min

Country: United States
Summary: A moving portrayal of the 2006 train bombings in Mumbai, this Indian drama follows the interconnected stories of several strangers.
Runtime: 2 h 14 min
MPAA: Not Rated

Country: India
Movie budget: $ 80,000,000
Domestic: $ 16,407
International: $ 1,186,636
Summary: Feeling as though there's something missing in their lives, four ordinary people stumble across a puzzle hiding just beyond the veil of everyday life, and their eyes are opened to a world of possibility and magic.
Release Date: February 01, 2020
Genres: Drama, Mystery
Runtime: 0 h 45 min

Country: United States
Summary: In a sad town a clan of sorcerers use its people to experiment with the dark arts.
Release Date: May 28, 2020
Runtime: 0 h 25 min

Production: Mappa
Country: Japan
Summary: After an abandoned young woman in late 19th Century England is taken in by a rural couple with three handsome sons, tragic consequences result.
Runtime: 1 h 56 min

Domestic: $ 293,274
Summary: Filmed over several years, it is a wonder-filled portrait of a family of kestrels (European falcons) who live in a church tower above a small Swedish town. The amazing cinematography, nominated for a Swedish Oscar.
Release Date: December 25, 1998
Runtime: 1 h 29 min
MPAA: Not Rated

Production: PicaFilm
Country: Sweden
Domestic: $ 31,673
Summary: An elderly farmer lives out his final days with his wife and a loyal ox in the Korean countryside.
Release Date: December 30, 2009
Runtime: 1 h 18 min

Distributor: Schalo Media
Country: South Korea