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List Builder
You will be able to manually handpick movies/games/tv shows that you think are “based” or whatever. That way you can share the link with your friends and your friends can filter the list to movies on the streaming platform(s) they have, the genre they like, diversity, release date, etc.
You could handpick them one by one, copy and paste a list, or import a list from IMDb/Wikipedia/Letterboxd. Once the list was imported you could view its stats and sort it based on them:







To Watch List
This is the same as above, but it’s just movies/shows you want to remember to watch later, all conveniently grouped into one place, and with the ability to use our filters. Next time you’re with someone who wants to watch a movie, go to your “to watch” list first, then add filters based on the context. For example, if you’re at your girlfriend’s house and she has Netflix & HBO and only likes romantic comedies, add those filters and never squabble again! <3


DataSet Comparison 

The same as above, but you could compare the lists to see which ones performed better on average. For example, you could see if Marvel or D.C. movies usually make more profits domestically or not. Or see if based movies make more international profits than woke movies. This would be great for ending the constant debates online about “go woke, go broke” and could be shared with people so they could customize the filters to control for any variables they see. 

Explore our /analytics/ section to see all the various ways of displaying data. Then just imagine that but with multiple datasets overlaying each other.


Tier List
Make and share your own tier lists of movies. It would be just like the famous memes shared around the internet, but it would be interactive so you could click on each movie to find out more about it.




Make your own flowcharts to introduce a genre, actor, writer, director, etc.
A famous example of this is with the band Animal Collective. Their discography is an acquired taste with a lot of experimental weird stuff. If you encourage your friend to listen to them you’d send them this:

The same goes for high brow content like Tarkovsky’s filmography:

You could also do this with an Anime series “watch order” or with episodes of a specific series like Murdoch Murdoch. When we add this feature we will simultaneously add the ability to review music, that’s what this will be most useful for. 


Email/Push Notification Alerts
You will be able to set up browser notifications and/or email notifications for when a new movie comes out that matches your filters. For example, if you are interested in any historical fiction movies with an 80% White cast, we can notify you every time one comes out. Of course, you can do this for specific films as well, or for any new film by your favorite actors and directors.  



If you have any suggestions or requests please comment below.


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