‘X-Men’ Director Brett Ratner Is Right: Rotten Tomatoes Is Ruining Movies

Director and producer Brett Ratner (“X-Men: The Last Stand,” “Horrible Bosses,” “The Revenant”) recently accused movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes of ruining Hollywood.

“The worst thing that we have in today’s movie culture is Rotten Tomatoes,” Ratner told a crowd at the Sun Valley Film Festival. “It’s the destruction of our business… When I was growing up film criticism was a real art. And there was intellect that went into that… Now it’s about a number. A compounded number of how many positives versus negatives. Now it’s about, ‘What’s your Rotten Tomatoes score?’”

Sure, he’s overreacting. Plenty of things are hurting the film industry more than a website ever...

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Apr 12th 2017
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