The Persecution of John McTiernan

Buzzfeed's Michael Hastings has an excellent story up on the imprisonment of John McTiernan, best known as the director of Die Hard, Predator, and The Hunt for Red October. He was sentenced to a year in prison for lying to a FBI agent, a trumped-up charge that stems from an overly aggressive prosecution … by a lawyer who, it seems, auditioned for McTiernan:

McTiernan and his supporters believe that not only was [prosecutor Daniel A.] Saunders a failed actor, but that he’d also auditioned for roles in The Hunt for Red October and Die Hard — and didn’t get the parts. …

McTiernan and his supporters say Saunders was finally able to get the ultimate actor’s revenge: tossing a director who rejected him into jail. "An Actor...

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May 24th 2013
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