‘Man Called Otto’ Is All Wrong for Hanks … and Us

Marc Forster’s “A Man Named Otto” stars Tom Hanks in the title role as an angry, eccentric old man who effectively shuts everyone out of his life.

Call it “Forrest Grump.”

Otto lives alone, resents his being downsized at work is dubbed a “retirement” and is a nuisance to his neighbors. Inside his apartment, Otto misses his late wife and contemplates suicide.

Will the new nosy but affectionate new neighbors turn Otto around? Will Otto come out of his shell and teach one of the neighbors how to drive? Will there be bedside hospital scenes and even a birthing scene? Will being around extroverted misfits force Otto to be a better man?

Have you ever seen a movie before?

I don’t blame you if you love this movie. In fact, I know at least a dozen people who will probably...

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Jan 2nd 2023
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