Insane borderliner
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A old timey comedic film, which I strangely enough did not enjoy because of the main female character, though not the actress mind you. Even though its well written, the jokes are mostly enjoyable and I have very little to complain about it, overall, it just gives off a very creepy vibe. Let me explain, its supposed to be a romance film of a ditzy woman falling in love with a nerdy paleontologist, they end up in a compromising situation, which includes a lost dinosaur bone, a leopard and a prison sentence, all in all a fun comedic rump. But here is where it gets creepy, the woman herself isn't just ditzy and forgetful, everything she does and says is closer to how a manipulative sociopath would behave. She constantly lies, tricks the poor guy, steals a car, turns on the tears whenever its in her benefit and hides all of this behind a ditzy, care-free exterior, I genuinely felt like the poor guy was prey to a sociopath. This gets less worse as the film progresses and we get introduced to more characters, but the value dissonance kinda destroyed any real enjoyment I had in the film.
Dec 24th 2022
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