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Gavin McInness coined the term "ethnomasochistic" I believe. Can I coin "anthromasochistic?" That's what this really is. It's grade-A propaganda at its finest. I left the movie wanting to be a vegan and hating all humans. The cognitive dissonance of Sci-Fi films always cracks me up though. In the sequel, the bad guy, ( colonel's clone ) ,ย  calls out Jake Sully for "betraying one of his own." And in the first one, the colonel called him a "traitor to his race."

The same themes from the first one reappear with Jake Sully's son since he was an outcast for being a tree tribe Na'vi living amongst the water tribe Na'vi. The water tribe kids surround him and his siblings, making fun of his thin tail & thin arms since the water ones have thick limbs like fish fins. In other words, everyone knows that logically each subspecies evolves to fit its surroundings. And the Na'vi are coded Black, Native American, and Mauri, but since normies think there's "only one race, the human race" this same logic is thrown out the window when they are confronted with different skin tones and skeletal shapes of humans. To be fair, though, the James Cameron climate alarmist Boomer types usually talk about how humans (as a whole) are a plague on Mother Earth. They may be particularly anti-White, anti-American, and anti-Capitalist, but they genuinely talk about all humans as a parasitic force on Mother Earth.

This philosophy is what's at the core of the Avatar series. It's not so bad, and you can sympathize with the worldview especially in the universe he's created. If I could hook my brain directly into Earth's superconscious mind I'd be a nudist tree hugger too. However, in the real world the natives that are more harmonious with their surroundings aren't necessarily that way intentionally. It's a lack of capacity that created that happy accident. Never inventing the wheel is proof of this. I was gonna' reference how the top 10 most polluted rivers are in Africa & Asia, and talk about indigenous tribes that overfish, deforest their areas, and poach animals into extinction. But I'm sure the rebuttal would be that it's like Na'vi being influenced by insatiable White capitalists. You can always find a way to blame Whitey... Nevertheless, in the Avatar universe they have no need for technology since every human invention has a counterpart provided by their planet. For example, they have a jelly fish that serves as an oxygen tank. I get the metaphor about having a connection with nature, but unfortunately, I don't have an extension cord from my head that I can plug into a horse. If only natural selection had symbiotic relationships pop up as often in real life...

On the bright side, this hippie bias had some very anti-Scientismโ„ข themes in it and pro natural order subtext. The other Anon review said everything else about the movie you need to know. I wish I didn't watch the 1st one 10 hours before seeing the sequel. There were way too many similarities and this had a lot of filler. Still a gorgeous viewing experience and there wasn't much woke stuff. The multicultural imperialists didn't bother me since our military actually looks like that now. There really are girlbosses dropping drone strikes on natives for globohomo. A dystopian future of America would probably be the same.

Don't bother rushing to see it in theaters. Stream a bootleg copy online. But still watch it if you feel like.

Dec 17th 2022
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