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This was the first movie I ever saw that made me aware of Hollywood's agenda. A decade later and it's very bearable since their propaganda has gotten exponentially overt since then. So "Avatar" seems tame nowadays. Plus, my worldview has drastically changed since then so the anti-imperialism elements didn't bother me. If you are a nationalist you should sympathize with natives defending their land. However, I just wish it was more nuanced and didn't have such cheeseball villains. I can vibe with the hippie mother nature stuff but the noble savage tropes are annoying. Especially because they were accompanied by such viciously anti-White/anti-American themes. But more than anything, the girl boss stuff irked me. Helicopter badass played by Rosie Perez took me out of the movie more than the blue monkey aliens. And Sigourney Weaver would have been played so much better as a crotchety old man like House M.D. I gotta' say, though, that I've spent a lot of time around military folk and the stereotypes portrayed in "Avatar" fit. Not the cartoon villain mecha robot colonel. But the grunts who just want to see some action and drink the koolaid while shouting, "Get some!" So I was pleasantly surprised by the second viewing and would suggest you watch it too. Just don't support it financially since James Cameron is a very outspoken anti-White sh*tlib. Sadly, I must admit I already bought tickets for "Avatar 2" but my expectations are very low and I'll report back on if you should wait until a pirated copy is streamable. Hobbit is right. It's beautiful but preachy. Everyone knows about the American flag easter egg during the colonel's speech. But this time around I saw a cool apocalypse horse on fire and I think the giant tree falling represented 9/11 and was hinting that George Bush's war was for oil and that it was an inside job. If only James Cameron knew about the Clean Break Memo...
Dec 16th 2022
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