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I watched this series with my older brother years ago and I had a big laugh when I caught him at home watching the pilot tv-film "The Gathering", which I had never seen before, the film was terrible, but I noticed that in the pilot two of the series characters where replaced by a black guy and an asian. So basically the creator of this show had a multicultural caste and decided, neh its too much, lets make the asian character a Russian Jewess and the Black character South-Asian. Overal the show is fairly mild on the multicultural cast for a show of this era and especially a scifi show, majority of the main character and most of the side-characters are all White or Whitish, this can't be anything but intentional, but makes a lot of sense. For the worldview behind the show, yeah its mostly a weird combination of gnostic religious themes with some generic middle of the previous century liberalism. Most of the episodes are fairly boring and generic scifi, though the Molari and G'Kar redemption arc is at times moving, the commanding officers where both played by capable, White, hetrosexual males. There is some pandering to the gay agenda and Jewish culture, a fascist earth-government thats luckily not an over-the-top stereotype of nazi Germany. Scifi shows are rarely any good, to progressive and with to little emotional investment, but if you are looking for something that doesnt have an in your face token black character and occasionally delves into religious themes and is somewhat watchable, yeah I recommend this.
Dec 7th 2022
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