‘Violent Night’ Delivers on Its Blood-Splattered Premise

It’s only natural that for every 80 sunny Christmas films released each year there’s a few that start with a frown.

“Violent Night” fits that bill, and then some.

Crass, cynical and drowning in blood, this “Night” is no one’s idea of a seasonal delight. It’s still smart enough to scratch that Scrooge-like itch, powered by an actor who finds the right balance between “John Wick”-style mayhem and sticky sentiment.

“Stranger Things” star David Harbour is Santa Claus – yes, the genuine article. He’s drowning his sorrows in a British bar as the story opens, exhausted by greedy kids brimming with ingratitude.

Parents know the drill, remembering their kids opening a Christmas gift before instantly crying, “what’s next?”

He’s thinking about hanging...

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Nov 30th 2022
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