REVIEW: Ms. Marvel – Season 1, Episode 2 “Crushed”

A slow burn isn’t always a good thing, as Ms. Marvel has demonstrated in its first two episodes. The premiere, “Generation Why,” functioned mostly as an introduction to the characters but had almost no plot. Episode 2, “Crushed,” follows suit, with more character-building – the effectiveness of which fluctuates – while very little happens to advance the story. There are some good moments, and an arc is gradually forming, but the tone of this show doesn’t complement how slowly it’s moving.

Bruno (Hey, I learned his name! Also, he really doesn’t look like a Bruno) helps Kamala learn how to use her new powers. Kamala researches her family history. A chance meeting at a party opens up a new romantic possibility for Kamala. Nakia becomes an actual character.

The opening scene...

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Jun 16th 2022
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