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Summary: An American who travels into Bhutan in search of a treasure and crosses path with a young monk who wanders through the serene mountains, instructed by his teacher to make things right again.
Runtime: 1 h 47 min

Domestic: $ 119,598
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Summary: Shimu fled her village as a child when her stepmother threatened to marry her off to a middle-aged man. Now 23 and living in the capital, she works grueling hours for paltry sums at a textile factory while her husband searches for...
Runtime: 1 h 35 min

Language: Bengali
Domestic: $ 5,322
International: $ 69,110
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Summary: After the death of her grandmother, Teresa comes home to her matriarchal village in a near-future Brazil to find a succession of sinister events that mobilizes all of its residents.
Runtime: 2 h 11 min
MPAA: Not Rated

Countries: Brazil, France
Language: Portuguese
Movie budget: $ 7,700,000
Domestic: $ 58,115
International: $ 3,496,063