• Romance
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Summary: Somewhere along the mid-19th century American East Coast frontier, two neighboring couples battle hardship and isolation, witnessed by a splendid yet testing landscape, challenging them both physically and psychologically.
Director: Mona Fastvold
Cast director: Domnica Circiumaru
Release Date: March 02, 2021 | Arsia Production, Charades, Hype Film
Genres: Drama, Romance
Runtime: 1 h 45 min
Country: United States
Domestic: $ 116,143
International: $ 89,735
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Summary: The incredibly spoiled and overprivileged students of Camden College are a backdrop for an unusual love triangle between a drug dealer, a virgin and a bisexual classmate.
Release Date: October 11, 2002 | Kingsgate Films, Roger Avary Filmproduktion GmbH
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Runtime: 1 h 50 min
Movie budget: $ 4,000,000
Domestic: $ 6,532,619
International: $ 5,300,203
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Summary: A couple attempts a high-risk, high-stakes jewelry heist at a department store.
Director: Doug Liman
Cast director: Joseph Middleton
Release Date: January 14, 2021 | Storyteller Productions, AGC Studios, Hypnotic
Genres: Comedy, Crime, Romance
Runtime: 1 h 58 min
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Summary: A controversial dating series in which people see potential love interests whose naked bodies are gradually revealed to them. Then they must get naked themselves and choose.
Cast director: Rachael Stubbins
Release Date: July 26, 2016 | Studio Lambert
Runtime: 1 h 00 min
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Summary: Teens Charlie and Nick discover their unlikely friendship might be something more as they navigate school and young love in this coming-of-age series.
Cast director: Daniel Edwards
Release Date: April 22, 2022 | See-Saw Films
Genres: Drama, Romance
Runtime: 0 h 30 min
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Summary: A delightfully modern Gen Z coming-of-age story that follows Kelsa, a confident high school girl who is trans, as she navigates through senior year.
Director: Billy Porter
Cast director: Alexa L. Fogel
Release Date: July 22, 2022 | Andrew Lauren Productions, Factory Underground, Killer Films
Genres: Romance
Runtime: 1 h 36 min
Country: United States
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Summary: An offbeat romantic comedy about a woman who doesn't believe true love exists, and the young man who falls for her.
Release Date: August 07, 2009 | Fox Searchlight Pictures, Watermark, Dune Entertainment III
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Runtime: 1 h 35 min
Country: United States
Movie budget: $ 7,500,000
Domestic: $ 32,391,374
International: $ 28,409,070
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Summary: A pair of star-crossed lovers in Ireland get caught up in their family's land dispute.
Release Date: December 11, 2020 | Amasia Entertainment, Aperture Media Partners, Likely Story
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Runtime: 1 h 42 min
Domestic: $ 213,440
International: $ 1,303,827
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Summary: In a dystopian near future, single people, according to the laws of The City, are taken to The Hotel, where they are obliged to find a romantic partner in forty-five days or are transformed into beasts and sent off into The Woods.
Release Date: October 16, 2015 | Film4, Screen Ireland
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Runtime: 1 h 59 min
Movie budget: $ 4,000,000
Domestic: $ 9,077,245
International: $ 6,432,301
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Summary: The story of Alana Kane and Gary Valentine growing up, running around and going through the treacherous navigation of first love in the San Fernando Valley, 1973.
Release Date: December 25, 2021 | BRON Studios, Focus Features, Ghoulardi Film Company
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Runtime: 2 h 13 min
Countries: Canada, United States
Domestic: $ 11,917,241
International: $ 7,631,000
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Summary: In a near future, a lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with an operating system designed to meet his every need.
Director: Spike Jonze
Writer: Spike Jonze
Cast director: Cassandra Kulukundis
Release Date: January 10, 2014 | Annapurna Pictures, Stage 6 Films
Genres: Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Runtime: 2 h 06 min
Country: United States
Movie budget: $ 23,000,000
Domestic: $ 25,568,251
International: $ 22,949,176
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Summary: After a brutal break-up, a young man vows to stay celibate during the forty days of Lent, but finds the girl of his dreams and is unable to do anything about it.
Release Date: March 01, 2002 | Miramax, Milo Productions, StudioCanal
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Runtime: 1 h 36 min
Movie budget: $ 17,000,000
Domestic: $ 37,950,822
International: $ 57,195,461
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Summary: Wealthy rancher G.W. McLintock uses his power and influence in the territory to keep the peace between farmers, ranchers, land-grabbers, Indians and corrupt government officials.
Release Date: November 13, 1963 | Batjac Productions
Genres: Western
Runtime: 2 h 07 min
Country: United States
Movie budget: $ 2,000,000
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Summary: The absolute top secret love story of a chaebol heiress who made an emergency landing in North Korea because of a paragliding accident and a North Korean special officer who falls in love with her and who is hiding and protecting her
Release Date: December 14, 2019 | Culture Depot, Studio Dragon
Runtime: 1 h 10 min
Country: South Korea
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Summary: A writer impulsively buys a villa in Tuscany in order to change her life.
Director: Audrey Wells
Cast director: John Brace
Release Date: September 26, 2003 | Touchstone Pictures, Timnick Films, Blue Gardenia Productions
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Runtime: 1 h 53 min
Countries: United States, Italy
Movie budget: $ 18,000,000
Domestic: $ 43,610,723
International: $ 15,268,000
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Summary: A woman drifter finds her soul-mate while working with an all-male crew painting giant electrical-generator towers.
Director: Sam Miller
Cast director: Di Carling
| Arts Council of England, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), British Screen Productions
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Runtime: 1 h 33 min
Movie budget: $ 2,500,000
Domestic: $ 65,748
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Summary: Adaptation of Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya" set in rural Australia in the 1920's. Jack Dickens and his niece Sally run the family farm to support brother-in-law Alexander as a (supposedly brilliant) literary critic in London. Action begins
Release Date: July 28, 1995 | Australian Film Finance Corporation (AFFC), Dalton Films
Genres: Drama, Romance
Runtime: 1 h 58 min
Country: Australia
Domestic: $ 350,354
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Summary: A suggestible working-class innocent wins the lottery but lets himself be taken advantage of by his bourgeois new boyfriend and his circle of materialistic friends.
Release Date: February 02, 1976 | City Film, Tango Film
Genres: Crime, Drama, Romance
Runtime: 2 h 03 min
Country: West Germany
Movie budget: $ 450,000
Domestic: $ 8,144
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Summary: Ed lives in Wisconsin, but he's just been dumped by his girlfriend. So he moves to New York City for a big change...but will he ever find love again? He loves his new job studying the genetics of different strains of rice. He has a g
Director: John Walsh
Writer: John Walsh
Cast director: Susan Shopmaker
Release Date: September 27, 1996 | Bluehawk Films, Ed's Films
Genres: Romance, Comedy
Runtime: 1 h 28 min
Country: United States
Domestic: $ 106,791
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Summary: A world-weary prostitute yearns after respectability and the love of an inventor.
Release Date: February 23, 1925 | Metro-Goldwyn Pictures Corporation
Genres: Drama, Romance
Runtime: 1 h 10 min
Country: United States
Domestic: $ 205,550