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The Ritual

Summary: A group of old college friends reunite for a trip to a most dangerous country in Europe - Sweden, encountering a menacing presence there stalking them.
Runtime: 1 h 34 min

Language: English
Tags / Keywords
abandoned buildingabandoned cabinabandoned campsiteabandoned houseabandoned tentancientanimal crueltyantlerargumentatavismatavistatavistic communityatavistic societyawkward situationaxeaxe used as a weaponbackwoodsbarbaric behaviourbarbaric countrybarbaric societybare chested malebarefoot malebased on nordic folklorebased on novelbeatenbeatingbechdel test failedbelief in witchcraftblack magicblamebloodblood stainbloody facebolt action riflebondagebowing downbreaking and enteringbritish horror literature on screenbritish literature on screenbritish psychotronic filmbritish touristbriton abroadbriton in swedenbroken windowc wordcabincabin in the woodscamera shot of a man's bare feetcamera shot of bare feetcamera shot of eyescamera shot of feetcamp sitecaptivecaptivitycar wreckcaught in the rainchantingcharacters murdered one by onechasechased by a monstercigarettecigarette smokingclose up of eyesclothed male naked male scenecommunitycompassconflict between friendsconscienceconvenience storecorpsecorpse hanging from a treecottagecountrysidecowardcowardicecreaturecreature featurecriminalcriminal gangcryingcultcultural clashcultural differencecultural inappropriationcut with a knifecuttingdead animaldead bodydeathdeath of frienddeitydelusiondelusional disorderdelusional womandirectional compassdiscovering a dead bodydisembowled steer hanging in a treedislocating one's thumbdownpourdragging a dead bodydreamdream sequencedrinking from a flaskdripping bloodeastern europeeastern scandinaviaeffigyembarrassing male nudityembarrassing nudityescapeethnic stereotypeeuropean psychotronic filmevil godeye socketf wordface slashedfantasizingfantasy scenefantasy sequencefearfetishfinding a dead bodyfirefish out of waterflashbackflashlightfolk horrorfolkloreforced to kneelforestfriendfriend murderedfriends falling outfriendshipfriendship between menfull moongang of criminalsglowing eyesgramophonegriefgroup of friendsguiltguts ripped outhallucinationhands tied behind backhearing noisesheavy rainhiding behind a treehiding in the foresthikinghiking in the mountainshiking trailhiking triphit on the headhixploitationhorror literature on screenhouse on firehuman sacrificehung from treehungerhusband wife relationshipidolimmortalityimpaled on a branchimpaled on tree branchinjured womaninterracial friendshipinterracial marriageinterracial relationshipjotunnkicked in the facekicked in the headkilled with a macheteknee injurykneelingknocked unconsciousknocking down a doorlanguage barrierlanternleg injurylighting a cigarettelimpinglimping manliquor storelistening to folk musiclistening to musicliterature on screenlokilong haired maleloss of friendloss of realitylost in the woodslying on the floormale bondagemale friendshipmale nuditymale protagonistmale rear nuditymale star appears nudemale star appears shirtlessman hits a womanman punches a womanman punches a woman in the faceman tied to a pillarman tied upman wears boxer shortsman wears eyeglassesman wears pajamasman wears shortsman wears underwearmapmarkedmemorialmemorial shrinemisfiremissing friendmissing manmissing personmonstermonster horrormountainsmummified bodymurdermurder spreemurdered with a knifemysterious eventmysterious noisemysterious soundnationality stereotypenature horrornightmarenorthern europenudityoccultismoccultistofferingold womanolder personoverhearing a conversationpaganpagan cultpagan godpagan ritualpaganismphotographplush dogplush toypool of bloodposing for a photographpredatorpredatory behaviorprimitive societypsychotronic filmpubpunched in the facepunched in the noserainstormrape cultureredneckrednecksploitationreference to amelia earhartreference to godreference to jesus christreference to lokireference to odinreference to the brexitrepeated sceneringritualritual killingroaringrobberyrunerunic writingrunningrunning barefootrunning in the darkrunning into a treerural horrorrural settingrural societyrussian and scandinavian mythologyrussian mythologysacrificesadistic violencescandinaviascandinavian rape culturescreamscreaming in fearscreaming in horrorscreaming mansetting a firesetting a house on fireshallow graveshapeshiftershapeshiftingshopkeepershortcutshotgunshoutingshrinesleeping in a tentsleeping in the woodssleeping nudesleeping outdoorssleepoversmelling clothessmelling one's clothessole survivorspitting bloodstabbed to deathstabbed with a tree branchstacking stonesstolen wristwatchstormsupernatural powersurvivalsurvival horrorsurvivorsurvivor guiltswedenswedish countrysideswedish lifestyleswedish rape cultureswedish redneckswedish villagesymboltaking a photographtaking a selfietaking off shoestenttheftthirstthunderstormtied handstied to a pillartied uptied up while barefoottitle same as booktorchtorn meniscustorturetouristtourist traptraumatraumatic memorytraumatized mantraumatized protagonisttrip to swedentrolltwo word titleupside down camera shotvacation gone wrongvanvillageviolenceviolent manwaking up nakedwalletwatching tvwaterwedding ringwet clotheswetting one's pantswetting oneselfwetting pantswitchwitchcraftwoken up by noiseswoodsworshipwound
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