"Politically Correct Spin"Content: -4 Intentional blasphemy, evil, gross immorality, and/or worldview problems. (To be avoided)

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What You Need To Know:INFAMOUS is the second movie about homosexual author Truman Capote's investigation into four brutal Kansas murders that led to the Pulitzer Prize-winning book IN COLD BLOOD. INFAMOUS leads off with a brief intro of Truman Capote's effeminate personality and high-pitched child's voice. Despite his bizarre voice, Capote was able to captivate crowds with his storytelling abilities and wry, often sarcastic and cruel, wit. INFAMOUS shows Capote, played by Toby Jones, as being a master of getting and spreading gossip. Capote travels to Kansas with his childhood friend Nelle Harper Lee (played by Sandra...

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Aug 13th 2012
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