The Paranormies Present: Friday Night Frights EP3: The Horrors Beneath Us
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good evening everybody this is Zeb with me on my Cohoes Tyler and Patrick joining us is Bradshaw Wilson from ParaNorman what's up guys how y'all doing good I'm pretty good how are you buddy I'm ready to rise the Fuck up gang weeders rise up but I want to podcast it's Friday it's always Friday Friday Night Frights wow me three episodes it's Thursday night like it's not Friday yet but just enjoy the free content dumbass Cody Time Travelers deal with it right now yeah I got I got a I was a little spooked too so in my pocket we're demons turn on every light in my house I'm actually sitting here in the dark because it's really warm and I do 8 AC in here so much I have the door closed so that you know outside noises don't give in so it's hotter than s*** nearsighted the darken hot summer squatting no I my Ukrainian percentage ain't that high bro I'm sitting now I'm actually I feel like it's very appropriate given given the films we watched so I without further Ado Tyler you want to introduce films we watch to this one oh yeah so for this one Patrick watch The Exorcist the beginning none of us audible summer it sounds Jewish As Above So Below which actually turned out to be pretty f****** good very inter paranormies fashion I read the Wikipedia page for The Exorcist the beginning they were mildly informed about these things yeah and one of our groups one of the guys posted a livestream of him girlfriend like driving to a restaurant I'm going to watch this instead of The Exorcist this is a lot more in pressing I don't blame you what time I was preoccupied alright okay so the most interesting part about this film is that there are two of the motherfukers this was released as a prequel to the Xbox I'm working on it this was really as a prequel to The Exorcist So You Had Exorcist 2bm yes yeah the 1973 Exorcist So you had this one and it was all there was one that came out before it was called Dominion freefall to The Exorcist now what happened was that they had the script that went one way and the stew wouldn't like that script so they said no you're going to have to change this this Dominion Dominion sorry which was directed by Paul Schrader he filmed the movie one way and the studio said no we're not going to release this you have to you have to revise this you have do it this way and he's like yeah I'm not going to do that this was my film this is the one that I wanted and this is what's going to what's going to be released so the studio was like alright f*** it you're done here I guess the other Studio pick that one up Dominion cuz it did get released but then who is the studio here Warner Bros and Morgan Creek Productions they went ahead and had any Harlan and the two films are very similar they actually a very similar IMDb scores basically comes down to which turd was polished the best cuz I don't think either of them were good films submarine it was like the average score was like 5 out of 10 IMDb a 5 out of 10 is actually pretty positive cuz there I typically go by now IMDb score over like say something like rotten tomatoes I like the signal you sometimes I don't she like granted I didn't watch it but from the summary that I read like why did Nazis just Seventeen and we got to do something yeah it is isn't that the premise of the part right there cuz that sounds really cartoonish kind of I mean it basically boils down do it because whatever along the way and what what is the background for it's a sick World War II right or just after its because Marion was with the church in the Netherlands where he served as a parish priest and he was tormented by this Nazi SS Commander oh you know he was here it says here forces Maron to participate in our arbitrary executions and to save a full Village from Slaughter Vino he was forced to watch the cartoonish and f***** up things that has your dad know whatever impaling babies on spikes and all that other stuff that's cool skeet shooting with babies and stuff like that yeah that actually sounds worse than what I pictured when you when you said he tormented him I just pictured him grabbing his hand doing the stop hitting yourself urgency given the recent stuff on Dahmer I actually my first thought was like a Candlestick being involved in something oh God, that Jus talkin amazing did not see show 25cm of water you'll bleed for this day actually did the conversion I come stuff alike at 9 and 7/8 of an inch Matt 92-78 somewhere around there is half your size who's taking bigger when I first saw her I thought that was like fake because it looks like Summit like something from a Tim Eric sketch like the guy looks like he's wearing like a a mask like a latex mask enjoy it there yet 25 cm pianodisc well-designed Nazi officers just stuck married into masturbation machine you know for 2 hours a day or something Paulo Costa Hollywood is these days out I will f****** believe the masturbation it might have made the movie more entertaining take that for what it is but yeah it was yeah it really was this this Nazi undertone that it made allusions to that because later on in the film visits this mentally very unstable character and before he kills himself he cars swastika on his chest and speaks in the voice of the SS commander who you know who is f****** Marin I guess during the war and got a Corvette swastika in there of course and then so the whole ending the whole premise of the movie is that I'm in Cairo Egypt there is a miss a church that's just buried and and their diggers that go down into the Cairo you're right I'm sorry I didn't Kenya my apologies could somebody Rison wiki page I think I actually feel like that's a Trope in movies with when they don't really have any Direction they just reference like Egyptian mythology and that's why the bed the big Baddie is after us is because if I remember right I don't think that's I think it's I think it was some dumb s*** about life at the African like when God or something was play the devil has a statue of pizzazz oh yes that fella can you take us to the plot chronologically Patrick skip yet Isuzu which was a actually Mesopotamian God forgotten Africa in ancient Mesopotamian religion Pazuzu we'll get to that one actually comes up in the plot know that I was like one of the first scene you better do plot person confusing it's this is walking through this battlefield it's just bodies are everywhere I mean bodies on bodies of bodies or every and he gets to this one body that's clutching the demon in his hand and it's actually the the head of Pazuzu and the guy clutching the priest clutching the head of the zoo wakes up for a Sara comes back to life I guess and then he clutches onto the statue and the camera zooms out and you see that I mean there was just thousands of bodies every and you see you nobody's on sticks crucified upside down and that's the opening scene for the film yeah which is admittedly a nice way to draw you into another why shity film Byzantine my demon War interesting to me but it sounds like I don't know it was they go on to show father Merrin who he is kind of let that you're his left the church totally and and moved into history and archaeology because he for whatever reason his experiences during the war just kind of made him lose all faith and that's when it Anna goes into the Nazi SS commander who would force him to watch murders and stuff like that and execute participating execution and so he travels from Cairo Byzantine era church and grounded this point they have excavators going into the church and Andy's guys keep kind of Disappearing and nobody can find out what really going on there is a huge relic of a demon inside of the church witches pretty cool so the British royal down their Marin's down there he's asked to come in and that's when find the the head of the Pazuzu I don't like slow heavy metal music starts playing the British are like they contracted him as an archaeologist it's helped them with their dig he was asked by a third party collector of Antiquities so the British had already been there they were on this excavation and he was contacted by a guy asking him to recover I think that head of the idler the head of Pazuzu if I remember correctly it says that some of the guys kept missing yeah I was reading my bad man I'm sure keep up with all this I f***** up Pazuzu was a demon who's the demon of wind I'd like to bring her storm and Route which is really weird combinations but Acadian Pacific a lot of the the storms that you're going to deal with in desert probably can be less rain in war who complained so I mean like a sandstorm or something like that I am just a windstorm in general might be more appropriate he was known for his demon of the Southwest wind known for bringing famine during the dry season and locusts during the rain Zuzu was invoked in ABCO tropea camulus which combat the does rival the malicious goddess lamashtu who's believed to cause harm to mother and child during childbirth who is himself considered an evil spirit he drives away and frightens away other evil spirits there for protecting humans play some sports so I guess in a way it seems like but it's kind of beneficial to people don't f*** with the people and f****** yeah I mean that. Actually is behavior not outside of a demon's typology I guess yeah yeah so so he agrees to go to the site like I said he's really keen on Tree in archaeology at this point they're obviously he's going to go to this church that's been buried for hundreds of years and he's joined by a Vatican scholar father Francis and he was this guy was going to East Africa anyway to do some missionary work or whatever then he was sent by the Vatican to join father Marin Marin I don't know if he yeah I guess anyway sent there to join him on his on his excavation Mission because he the church is really believed to be wholly evil and that's why buried the site is yet to be evil so they get there and these excavators have the Dome uncovered enough kind of it and and you have to like literally I mean you have to go down into it it's pretty cool it was actually kind of a nice shot the way they did it I'm really kind of nerdy about camera angles and stuff and it was cool the shot of them coming down into the church but the church and sign it is like it's really kind of pristine it doesn't look like it's been buried by sand and s*** for hundreds of years so immediately after his construction which when you see these things in the church I mean they look untouched everything looks untouched Christine and left intact exactly what is this odd so yeah they go in they see a little bit of it they see that one of these bigger crucifixes had been vandalized and it was actually you know upside down of course the one with Christ it's it's upside down hanging from my chains or something and it's upside down kind of a first instance where do like something's not right here that's probably where I would call it quits to be perfectly honest but good at Kenya so good it Jake's hard pass all these kind of quirky little characters the band of people to be haplessly killed so the main characters can be frightened dying that's ruining the plot exactly meet them there the suckers in the patties that are going to die like yeah you know enough to skip ahead but in the other films watched do still stalking team or whatever yeah sorry go ahead your good ones the most I guess nothing disturbing it was just uncomfortable parts of this film though is they meet this guy named Jeffries and I mean Scott boils all over his face ever weren't actually just repulsive to look at the entirety of the film cuz he's like he becomes a main character is just like what you do this yeah this is why it when I told you I own this movie I don't know why I own this movie because I should have just taken it out and throwing it away right after that it was uncomfortable and the dude is like British and so you know it's kind of maybe I'm exaggerating this because I just I was disturbed by him the whole film but he's got like definition of British teeth in and they're all f***** up and and he's awake super uncomfortable the whole film whenever he's on seem to be perfectly honest I'll have to Scary Movie 2 the other hand guy at least that was what kind comedic this guy is indole a comedic my germs grab onto my strong hand yeah it was just who is this Owen comfortable I was really hoping that he would be like the first to die or go missing or something in it happen until like most of the way through the film that he actually gets f***** up but wants me out so and he's got to learn more about this dig you know any start asking people around they start telling him that there was this one guy that session bassion and he he was one of the first excavators in the but he John like insane and he got transferred to Nairobi for mental institution this is the guy. parts of swastika on his chest and then awesome self I'm just surprised that Nairobi has a mental hospital I would go mental there but since counterproductive but hey you think it would be like I've never been to this guys 10 that was at the dig site and he sees Universe guide just drawn to countless pictures are pictures of the side demon an artifact that man was as find ahead of Pazuzu so Marin goes to visit this guy you know like I said swastika awesome self speaks in Nazi SS Commander voice of course typical sharp German accent where like every word something they're like the clicking their tongue behind their teeth glad that part's over it was just you know because he was seen as possessed by the demon whatever was in the church and you have to with that I mean there's going to drawing your worst experiences and try to reach Marietta Power demon summoning machines demon summoning machine that takes it open oh God succubus wish that eats foreskin they got another sequel ready to go we're right at 4 we're going to direct the next Christmas movie seriously you know I don't even remember Nazis being huge The Exorcist film IV original Exorcist film I don't remember. remember that at all I don't know how Donald Trump really had an effect on this is not by anybody Jewish that's very interesting I don't know it's got to be a good boy then because he's obviously thinking about the Six Trillion continue sir okay so where are they really quick Winnie Harlow the guy who took over on this film he was also one of the f****** like directors on Deep Blue Sea yeah and this guy also did a nightmare on Elm for so like what a dick head but it while I'm done giving this guy exposure guys but who's Jewish and who's not the movie was been pretty sure they took it down because anti-semite started using it if you're an inquisitive mind of course how much of a take a bath or a sponge-like marinate in your control of the industry I don't assume they do I bet you're right I am too I'm so glad they're in the mental institution guy kills himself how does he kill himself Isla sore throat you know it's pretty standard stuff is boring actually like so many times in a horror film where a guy just like that's his third that I wasn't that impressive form was bad what happens after that so then Marin high he goes back to the dig site and he finds out the this this little boy had been attacked by a I think was a hyena or something and they're stories about hyenas and dogs and s*** running wild all around me Amarillo like drop-front at those weird gacha vaping cuz I caught that bread that crashed the whole stream by doing that okay so I found the Jews you found the music was by Trevor Rabin who is a Jew from South Africa's was a Lithuanian Jew it was edited by Mark Goldblatt tati Miller so I told me juice Juju Juju this kid is attacked and killed by heinous that they're just all around the dig site Righttime just show it Pepper's okay yeah it's cool cuz the kid that dies I don't even remember his name but his younger brother goes into like this weird kind of state after every wash his brother died and he gets taken the hospital and then later on you see the hyenas if I'm not mistaken D'Souza it is like walking around the hospital trying to get a a little boy Joseph hellhounds, but in Kenya exactly is a good probably the best part of the movie and I just I just like hyenas and dogs cool I mean I think we all know I'm obsessed that shitt by now but yeah oh yeah so this is when oh my God some this is the weird part that I didn't really understand me because I'm not that big on theology or whatever not really. Knowledgeable on it but the somebody's wife gives birth to a stillborn baby doll like covered in maggots and I don't really understand why I don't understand what that has to do with the plot f****** African man is Kenya there flies everywhere like haven't you seen those like donate commercials you like metaphorically adopt some starring blackheads all over the face yeah that's a big part of it is that they have they all have mosquito nets all around their beds film which I think is that honestly is like the first time I ever saw a mosquito net I saw this movie just part of the Pazuzu no plagues on people so you could just be that yeah that's a good point so then Marin father merrin he he find a good back into the church finds like a passageway that goes to a cave that's built underneath the shirt and then he finds out that it was really just this area that was used to conduct yeah human sacrifices and Pagan rituals and accommodations were a little musty But ultimately we had a fun time and on tribal people in the day in ancient times yeah these people had really no idea it was there the this was like really old old stuff numbers like the end of the movie where they finally find this evil cave-dwelling demon and they have to throw crucifixes at at repeatedly or something crossbow crucifixion unload on motherfuker I'm sorry this is not me sitting on Christianity I just this film was garbage but Marin finds out like you had is this huge human sacrificial chamber area Vatican is like bro what gives you had to have known about this and father Francis finally yeah we have some documents that you know and talk about people coming out here and trying to consider 1 * Fender and they were consumed by evil and ended up killing each other failing miserably at the jobs chamber anyways then the emperor of the time I ordered that you know we're going to cleanse this Holy Ground so we're going to put a church on and of what emperor Justinian okay so the grease sent an army all the way to Kenya to villager basically yeah yeah cuz I want my beliefs is suspended or my disbelief is suspended Liberty Theater actually just scrolling through his Wiki really quick and says that his General belisarius swiftly conquered the Kingdom in North Africa do you know what they're talkin about the Vandal Kingdom in North Africa is in like Tunisia and like Morocco area not I'm just saying like it you know we reached over to Afrah like they're making a stretch there but you know rating the coast of northwest Africa versus invading La kienlen Kenya like the villages in the turkana Valley of the province of Kenya which is like Northwestern Kenya which makes it you know pretty much trying the hardest African Rift Valley I mean like you know if you were to go where the bottom of the blade is and go straight like we were talking about is like south of like Southwest of Somalia so it's like halfway down yeah the couple hundred miles worth of a stretch it's far so yeah that whole situation occurs you know father Francis is like yeah there's you know some in the Vatican files and that's when that's when it really starts to go wrong and I forgot mention actually B Diggs doctor the on-site medical physician her name was Sarah she's only really necessary the plot because she gets possessed by the evil in these temples tunnels down below the church is Sarah hot I don't remember let's see Izabella scorupco like no no pictures find me this is a this is a big-budget movie we're talking about polish Swedish yeah I'm have to agree with you on that one yeah but anyway that she gets possessed for Pazuzu or is it something else Pazuzu cuz that's what the the film really alludes to the whole time I don't really ever think that father Merrin got an A whatever just a guy from the Vatican and so Marin has to take her down to the tunnels we do not really sure why but he takes her down to the tunnels to perform this exorcism and she ends up dying and just heard of this demon this cave was kind of tunnel would really do feel actually but so they they exercises demon and kind of buried underneath the in the tunnels that kind of find a way to like Barry their clothes off the tunnel so it never gets out again yeah we all know where that goes I guess that evil that makes it too cuz I am in I don't understand what the point of it was if not that the demon or whatever continues on into The Exorcist series yeah I don't know the whole thing is he never found the demon head of Pazuzu when he went down there so the demon is Pazuzu according to the Wiki page also the other right I'm sorry dude I was scrolling through Facebook I found this f****** Nina says wake up baby Kyle Sanford breakfast is Gerber monster baby food well alright yeah it's really children Lord sorry about that I'm sorry but yeah this this was definitely not the best film that we watch and the only reason I even suggested it was because it was the first one I thought of when we were talking about like archaeological digs and stuff because this was she should watch The Mummy or The Mummy Return the mummies like straight-up Egyptian dude like you would have to do that with Amanda stardew Dieter death star fruit tree hey I'm going to get a shot by a drunk Irishman in the bathtub but having this my pocket while I recorded I feel like I'm a Foley artist sound effects thanks or other day it was a pleasure to have you on tonight because it definitely the film were talking about now is that be a little more talkative but not I'm kidding but also seriously I totally don't recommend watching this film by the way bad at reading it it just looks bad everything about you just my mediocre until is a 150 other one was any better the the Dominion one yeah NF rating on this Patrick bro I'm going to go to go to solid four-and-a-half because because I Pelosi IMDb obviously we didn't watch it because we're lazy shitz but and there was no stream available find a stream for it anywhere like I said I own it and I almost want to burn it I remembered that I owned and I was like you really don't need this anymore now so we can shoot it in my backyard there we go hell yeah I can't imagine a situation where I never going to be like dude you should totally borrow and watch this movie and get back to me Sorry God you can try to eat it go. we go then that's a f****** plan as a planner I don't like no I got to be I'm ready high on whatever the the legal designer drug is not bad it's not Spicewood what's what's hip with the kids now whatever whatever has Florida man doing is a crock cannot do that that listen that's of comes and goes bath salts are eternal the wisdom drugs come and go but bath salts this episode supposed to be buried citizenship the way that were about that kind of thing Alien versus Predator was the closest we can get I'm not f****** watching The Ruins again like I wasted like an hour of My Teenage life watching that not watching it again is an adult and neither should anyone else actually say herbicide for this movie so on that off on you yeah don't watch it Patrick I can fully say the horrible movie find something else to do like you know the whole like search for evil with this a Byzantine Expedition over but the history nerd I can appreciate that every terrible horror movie ever is the one I like the premise horror movies do like because the Paranormal and the Occult is such a interesting thing I mean obviously all of us are young Brad we depend on me so we like that stuff but you know you always have a good premise but then it's like the release of the what's the word I'm looking for the process of bringing it to life always fall short is this f****** movie had a a budget 50 million dollars but it was still just a 50 million dollar budget and think about like all these other movies where they basically had like you know about you have $20 and a hamster booking gold like it was eat the original Evil Dead had a budget of like 350,000 $50,000 and that's like a classic bit like you literally given that movie Scared show me like f****** great ace of spade man my favorite card in the deck oh yeah we might we might do that like a month from now on Halloween what do you think if you do anything relating to eat that have me on the bread you can cut you can come up whenever you want to do yeah I love I think Bruce Campbell is is African American treasure All American hero right there until Hebrew tangent but they I watched Ash versus the Evil Dead full seasons and they fight I liked the first season I didn't even bother with the second there was the movie what was it my name is Bruce was the movie where he fights that like low. Over the f****** Chinese demon thing was my name is I really like that I really liked my name is Bruce cuz it was about yeah choose the best tourist the best speakers of Blended comedy and horror together give because I like the first one so much like when I was expecting like I got some more of that did I was disappointed that they kind of made a mockery of it a little bit or is it no I want like the other one again scary I like it because they're there is there's like when you think about like slipping into a state of mania there certain certain humor in it where you go when you going I like that a combined comedy and car which is it'ss it's not a funny movie it actually is really really weird McChicken has a couple hours old will get sick day old McChicken you're fine it up at one of my last jobs we went to McDonald's in the morning grab breakfast we bought an extra sandwich we put that s*** in the War of the office we left it in there for like 4 weeks no mold nothing you're fine okay that is a serious s*** on this episode seriously in four weeks going to be like man I still feel that McChicken that's actually probably fires in The Exorcist the beginning get onto the next movie yeah dude was mean f****** event Ferrara car shows I mean the one that we all actually have a lot to say about the one that was actually good Hezbollah right no I always stumble the title As Above So Below is the name of the I'm retarded but yeah it sounds and I'll do what you guys want to do the plot summary or whatever you want to do cuz I know we probably going to put out his I actually got reviews and I'm kind of surprised cuz I really enjoyed it it kind of idiots like a mash-up between Ghost Encounters is that that that that found-footage film to be honest cuz the the found-footage aspecton The Descent mixed with a Grave Encounters Grave Encounters with the title of him cuz I had there was like that weird like a special effects weren't like phenomenal but for like a low budget film really good and I kind of have that claustrophobia aspect at The Descent head so I one of the things I N and I know Tyler's with me on this I absolutely hate found footage films I think most of them garbage there nauseating to watch like with the Blair Witch being one of the exceptions cuz it was the one that kind of kicked it all off all my God like huge fan of found footage films but I don't like The Blair Witch really understand this places the thing that kind of you know the an actual genre that I just don't like we're which it just gets boring to me very slow pace I'll agree what creeps me out like that my grandparents house in Oregon and it's like it's off the highway like to have asked it's not like super like them neighbors and s*** but their front yard is a four is like in the Woodpecker houses in the so it's like you look in the backyard and it's the woods look in the front yard and it's like the road and then people across the street and it looks a lot like where the Blair Witch was filmed so I really like staying there at night and then helping my grandma clutching glass porcelain dolls and the room that I sucked into yikes hard pass dark woods with grandparents and there's just like two dozen porcelain dolls circled around the room Dollar Movie in my 6th grade every time after that I would look out the window at night I mean I love the woods as a kid and then I listen to the sexy two episodes of apparent Skinwalker ones have and more than that the Missing 411 I was literally was too and then I saw a f****** fleshgait now and now I don't like anyting when I took him out I was living in a ace split-level house or noticeable it's like a a two-family house and there's a lot it was that it wasn't like in the city was in like a you-know-what area with a lot of trees and I was walking home late at night from work and that and listening that I was constantly just looking over my shoulder every time who brought something up cheese paranormies proper at some point because I've done a lot of research on it since school subject I have to say it's kind of kicked off an obsession with me like validate my story and like prove exists so I can have like that you know I'm not insane meet my friends are insane it actually have it wasn't just the drugs I seen a ghost so I have my OU well I mean I can watch him some people seem like a cool story man like I get the / thirsty why they always just story like you know is it's right story but I don't know that that was a real event I didn't make that up I didn't find that on the excerpt where bro be at the the found-footage style I don't like it personally because it kind of nauseating like to watch for me a little bit penis of a camera like it's hard to follow too, especially you know was really stuck in with me then you know the camera shaking don't take it all so it opens up with the girl of the main character she's on a bus she's got on a hijab and everything and I was like oh how fitting you know like this takes place in Paris he was actually crossing over into the Iranian border to go into some old tapes bro but Imma let you finish your dog imma let you finish but I have to comment I got f****** triggered a when she's talking about the f****** I'm here to find an Aramaic tablet why are you looking for Meg and I ran like yeah yeah you're f****** archaeology professor in Aramaic tablet and ran I question your credentials man frankly I don't believe that I don't haha try again sweaty she's crossing over the Iranian border and everything and she has to get these people to like smuggle her into the caves and whatnot right basically what's going to happen is they're going to blow up these caves high-end she believes that there is a ancient Relic down there that's going to help her in her go to find the Philosopher's Stone is the same one from Harry Potter obviously she was in the wrong for this week was the Chamber of Secrets You know despite that you know the Harry whatever his name is Daniel Radcliffe despite him being like being a total s*** actor I really enjoy the whole kind of Proto Hitler was seeing Tom Riddle I will say I I did like his film of The Woman in Black not to get off on a tangent too much people say it's a bad movie I liked it women in the whole film revolves around women and children open that will cover that on another episode am I watching I just bury my face in my girlfriend's tits cuz that's my second I don't want to watch the TV cuddling no big-city gots yet I feel hurt so deep got all of our fanbase in the fields now what I really what I really look what was really cool about that beginning as a kind of gave you that little creepy thing of the the man hanging around which why was that manifest there so it's a question like why had to come later in the film for me to really get it cuz I like as soon as you mentioned that you like you instantly know what it was yep exactly she break through this wall when she finds like a scripture and everything and decide if you're outside so what happened is you kind of skipped she got smuggled into the by these you know helpful kebabs and her and her buddy Riza resign or some s*** sexy like a temple of the buried Temple complex right send severe Indian troops were going to kill them by burying them up to their headbands they're cool and so they're like racing through these ruins and she's like you know showing yourself to be Reckless and very self-centered like I don't care about safety cuz the guy will put to go have a family okay well I want this tablet so yeah she finds it she takes a picture whatever and then you know it is not just a tablet though giant Bulls head with descriptions on it f****** moloch Niger you know the thing is is Mark is actually an owl know I was actually going to or more mistress you just you just beat me to a f****** folklore correction I have I have autism so please be patient I have autism I was going to say the the bowl is actually a pretty common symbol in Mesopotamia near Eastern West station in general biology and very Central Central to fertility seismos oracle's too but yeah the moloch and everyone thinks of Milwaukee Brass Bull torture thing but moloch symbol is actually an owl to go back to me listen to one of the the dirt paranormies episodes the the Garden Grove one or whatever it's called I told Johnny Johnny always Sublime I just got pressed my lips look away hit his symbolism owl so they are the Bohemian Grove guys they do other s*** owl symbolism yeah go ahead with the just want to point out the the inscription that they find is called the rose key yeah is it sore she takes pictures and everything gets the inscription right in like the whole thing is this is like the Rosetta Stone for the languages she's trying to translate and she goes back to France and everything and this is where reveals that she is looking for the Philosopher's Stone and I don't know about you guys on this is going to get off a little bit of a tangent but as soon as I heard that other okay I didn't know that that's f****** weird I pulled it up on Nicholas Flamel with a fifteenth-century Alcon who said to have created the Philosopher's Stone would you Grand Theft Immortal Life and all that s*** cute Nick imma stop you right there most of our faithful listeners will already know what that is they listen to the Alchemy episode which you apparently did not sir actually we were s*** talking to before we start the episode I don't look out eyes on the f*** out on that episode admittedly I did too do it at work and I zoned out I was doing prep for that wasn't able to make it that week but it's just such a f****** broad subject it like I did I didn't even know where to start it's like the entire School of alchemy good luck episode because you just have to be vague about everything and it's a subject that being vague is being boring and not really informing anyone at all I mean not that I'm talking s*** you know they did a good job but I will probably have to read this I feel like focusing on specific things like Hermes trying to get or f****** the Philosopher's Stone as a physical object would be like better ways to directly Converse write one of those guys f****** why I only like the Brotherhood the regular almost I don't know what that is I just knew enough to make the joke grab please don't dude weed he's being ironic I'm not afraid that good Lord it wasn't for being a a weird anime kid finding Fortune I would have never became what I am by finding Pole snow goddamnit that is probably why so much of the outright loves animes because that's how they yep pretty much a goddamn get mad at the people in your political science normal person when I was in college that was the only teacher I liked who is the only person who was like honest basically he was honest about the parties how they both suck and I was like yeah honest ironically an old Jewish guy that taught the new classical Warfare history like New Roman Greece the film plot Nicolas Flamel was found in text 200 years after his death he supposedly learned of his Alchemy stuff from a Jewish converso which a conversa was a Jew converted to Judea Taylor Catholicism so there's another jewy thing as well so this is where at this point when she's discussing this stuff like and this is what her father was low for basically his entire life was the Philosopher's Stone and this is where you get introduced movie cameraman the diversity hire Benji Benji a black nail well well she's in the caves and I are on at once it's everything is blowing up and she's running away mets 2A interesting Implement implementation of I don't know if you ever heard of like open a literary device known as chekhov's gun has where if the gun is loaded gun yeah it was cuz like that entire scene just threw me off as I put the f*** is this I paused it I looked into the plot synopsis you're just like what I already seen as a guy will it doesn't tell me what the hell that was so it just can you play the movie and it this movie was full of s*** like that but we're diverting that's the problem with this film is going to be a lot of jumping around from beginning to end to end you know Etc so you can introduce to the camp and everything and this is where they going to side to talk to her ex-boyfriend George who is play by Ben Feldman now. So just honestly most sympathetic character it is the gym the entire time he's he doesn't want to be there and it's like yeah this is f****** sketchy but also surprised sympathetic character yes surprised I just meant like the Jew doesn't want to go into a place because of the scary like 0% of a f****** spine but also that being said I wouldn't go into the catacombs because I'm f****** astraphobic I wouldn't do this he decides that he will work for her as the translator because he is fluent in a f****** deadline right so are they end up like going to the f****** Museum there pull-down Nicholas flamel's tombstone Russell the f*** at that to like really you're going to betray a museum curators trust and put Adidas she was so f****** self-centered and selfish and shity like me and my dad just Nick Nicholas Cage in f****** yeah sure that's me after three drinks I'm going to steal the tombstone of Nicholas Flamel cuz I won't get all over the archaeological tonight but I really I really saw the parallels cuz remember after he stole the Declaration he had to apply heat to the back of it enlightening can lemon juice yeah it's like lemon juice and f****** Heat and the this was is like a throwback to the first time I ever had a podcast mtrs which doesn't this is why I'm not doing it same as by name bear saying but I had this one drop it was just throw it in the oven which was Nicolas Cage's dad in the film saying just throw the oven in the in the oven by isolated that's awesome man Patrick we're going have to get that one for but yes that they f****** like set the back of this thing on fire and they find riddle and it I don't know the rid of off the top of my f****** head it was something stupid but they basically yeah they basically deduce that the there is a chamber in the secret chamber in the catacombs that has the Riverstone and like I will have a f*** we going to get down there so they decide to go do some scoping open the catacombs and everything chicks checks and s*** out they determine this because the riddle talks about the stone being halfway between Lake Harrison hell yeah and yeah how is lots of bleeding because how is thought to be like 704 4141 feed downers and The Alchemist Theory halfway down would be at 375 I'm sorry I can't math right now it's f****** 11 at work don't make me mess on a podcast I just stop saying the word math I'm already zoning out bear butt scary catacomb film into the catacombs and as they're walking they're like all these bones yeah I did get into the catacombs because of this group am I owe you write important the going just the catacomb tours for my bad I was going to do that the catacombs were like the official tour guide for and while they're down that is like some weird ginger kid sitting on a rock and he's like oh hey like someone he knows their plan is I go ahead if you want to talk no no he wasn't he wasn't a ginger he was that the dude that we see later on in the film soap yeah it wasn't him, it was a guy in the car it was again car wow that was like just sitting there like reading a book or some shady that yeah if you guys want to get any need to talk to Papillon and they're like okay like how do we find them and he says it and then like the tour guy comes iPsycho stay with the group you know they turn they curly come back and discuss f****** gone dude like they seem to ghost yeah becomes very apparent later in the film why he gave them that name to be perfectly honest dog Benji being a black male character in a horror film saw that and said that would be totally totally stereotypes are I saw him dying of mile away though you they was purple black guy first weather alert was not black Boiling Springs you are so then they go to find Papillon they go to a nightclub and as they're walking in this like Payless b**** walks out and she just like stairs down camera and then like the camera looks away looks back and cheeses like 6070 ft Wale write like there's no way she would still like they're walking through the club and next thing she's not like the other side of the building on the outside yet again looking directly at the camera is outside looking in it and so they would stare she's pretty hot yeah take themselves as he just follows mangle body I'm a man of Simple Pleasures but I'm also a very superstitious man and if you say to work Attica I just pulled my gun and pointed at you would smash die and then have the biggest smile on his face with the messages and it said still beat tho looking for man appreciate a good-looking lady in a movie I guess I'm sorry that I God good he's like Bowl I'm down this way a hundred times if there was a secret door there to some secret chamber we would have found it and she's no like you have to know it's there in order to find it and he's like okay well like you're retarded but whatever what do you want to find them application there's a treasure down there and he's like okay well if we find it we want half and she cuz you can have all the treasure for all I care and then like everyone else 50/50 words with the rest of this spelunking team right and you noticed that Papillon has a burn on his hand and this is important for later in the film so they start going down into the catacombs and everything and actually this part really freaked out Bradshaw so I'm going to let him take over for a minute but when they when they first get to the catacombs will they so I'll take it from there they meet up with the team you know they get their spelunking gear their headlamps together and they just start walking abandoned train tracks and when they get to the abandoned train tracks there they see the put on the ground which leads down to some area of the Catacombs that's not really for tourists and cue the first rule like jump-scare of the movie Out of Nowhere Papillon gets tackled just f****** I don't know where football team slam and then yellow tumbling and camera angle yeah and this is the part where they I'll have to go down into the into the catacombs and that's when the George is like cuz he wasn't going to go he was going to beat him up and then go away but then he has to go in with them don't forget Papillon did his tag signature graffiti tag right before the top attack didn't think to is this movie in a lot of ways, draws inspiration from her mirrors Dante's Inferno because like one of the things like with Dante's Inferno is that he has to you know either the layers of hell Margaret asked horrifying he has to continue on layer-by-layer with no guide this movie know that they're their guy Transit much more Twisted than Virgil keeps telling them the only way to to get out of this to keep going down like the only way to go on its go d

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