Five Perfect Directors for the Cinematic Adaptation of ‘Tetris’

According to the Wall Street Journal, the video game Tetris is being adapted into a feature-length motion picture. The game with the blocks and the music? That you played on your Game Boy for hundreds of hours? Yeah, that one.

Anyway, I've got a BREAKING EXCLUSIVE* sneak peek at the directors currently up for the job, as well as their vision for the work.

But first, to get you in the mood, enjoy 10 hours of the Tetris theme. By the time you're done listening to 10 hours of Tetris music, anything I suggest will sound good to you.

 1. Timur Bekmambetov Given the fact that Tetris is Russian in origin—it is literally the only cultural product worth a darn to come out of the Soviet Union in its later years—it only makes sense that the studio's top choice...

Sep 30th 2014
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