Civil War

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Civil War: based or cringe? That is the million-dollar question.

Your gut tells you that because it is a Hollywood film, it will be an evil MAGAs versus virtuous libtards cringefest with lots of woke anti-white messaging. Yet, part of you holds out hope that maybe it will be unintentionally based. Jews will sometimes screw up and accidentally create Right-wing anti-heroes such as Archie Bunker or Michael Douglas’ character in Falling Down. Maybe there will be some Right-wing villain who delivers nationalist monologues that are meant to come off as ominous to normies but which sounds perfectly sensible to the red-pilled viewer.

Civil War is neither based nor cringe. Before I say what Civil War is, I should explain what it is trying to be — and before I explain that, I have...

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Apr 15th 2024
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