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The show has a really good story, great main characters. It explores various supernatural phenomenon, including demons, ghosts, angels, monsters and gods (not in line with mainstream Christianity though there are crossovers with priests being allies) . I had a lot of fun watching it, there are exciting turns of events, good acting. The main characters are two brothers and we get to see their interactions with their close family and friends. There are a lot of episodes in this show, about 300, probably too many disjointed stories with only about a third of the episodes telling an overarching story. Now regarding the woke stuff, there is a bit of it, a few of the side characters will complain about racism, misogyny, and about 4 gay couples as side characters only and nothing graphic shown; these moments aren't that common though, about 40 bad lines in hundreds of episodes. The rest of the show shows a more traditionalist view of society plus there isn't forced diversity when showing America. The main characters are men and the plot fortunately tends to favor action and sees guns favorably. Honestly compared to other shows, this one was a breath of fresh air even with the few flaws.
Mar 19th 2023
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