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I don't know why I keep giving Netflix sh*t a chance. I guess I'm just desperate for any sort of space sh*t now, and I'm willing to give most shows a chance with 1 to 2 episodes. Why are they sending a bunch of incompetent irrational college kid retards on one of humanity's most important mission? It's a constant teen girl drama b**chfest. Too much forced "diversity" (which just means nonwhite not male not straight people). The ship AI is the most pussywhipped insecure black guy with a British accent and a worried look on his face 24/7, then you have some mystery race tranny with a five-o clock shadow, boring white guy, b**chy brown girl, the leader is some ripped white woman with crazy facial expressions that jarringly murders the brown guy jock pilot in the first episode, causing them to have to wake up another disgusting brown tranny backup pilot from stasis (this was the last straw for me, dooming the series) , fat brown guy that looks like the fatty from lost, and a boring Mexican guy. Not a single likeable character. Apparently they have FTL technology, but everything else on on earth seems to be pretty much the same. " > white women at top of hierarchy > women in charge of EVERYTHING > admiral... chick, chief engineer..chick, captain...chick, doctor... tranny chick > latino gay bear and filipino tranny romance > brown chick in threeway relationship with 2 cuck white bois. POLYANDRY! > threeway bisexual love scene > toxic white males die " -119307107 On the positive side: - Spaceship. - Alien ship looked very cool. Other than that it's just worthless trash. I can't see any reason to keep watching this series, unless all the characters are going to die one by one. Let me know if that's the case.
Feb 22nd 2023
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