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Apparently Scott Adams in a bigoted racist now, who knew? I have never really bothered reading this man's comics or his other work, it just never got on my radar, but now that I did I am glad. I watched several episodes of his cartoon series and even though it's slightly too neurotic and too nerdy for my liking, I am of the opinion that this is better and will age better then a lot of other animated sitcoms of the period. It's basically a big zany social satire on office work and being an engineer, with plenty of neurotic fears from the main character Dilbert. To anyone who has ever done office work for a large firm, this hits right home. I haven't watched the entire series yet, just a couple of episodes, but I did not get the impression it was particularly woke, so interested in what else this man made. I genuinely wonder what kind of a man keeps thinking into his old age and can change his ingrained liberal believes?
Feb 23rd 2023
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