Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, 2023 - ★½

This is a bad trailer for the next big Marvel villain. It felt like most of the actors were phoning it in while Kang was chewing the scenery and existing only to be a mustache-twirling Saturday morning cartoon villain.

The aesthetics of the film were godawful - in part due to the crunch that Marvel forces on cgi artists and also due to just bad artistic decisions. I see people complaining about MODOK but he's honestly the most interesting thing here. It's like his design is the aesthetic philosophy of the film taken to its logical extreme.

This movie also has some of the tropes/cliches that annoy me the most, such as:

- so much could be solved by people talking to each other for 5 minutes

- the "villain throw" trope

- Marvel powerscaling villains to fit the protagonists' plot armor


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Feb 19th 2023
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