‘You People’ Traffics In Progressive Guilt, Lack of Laughter

Some modern movies wallow in woke bromides. Others have a progressive lecture or two, but otherwise offer straightforward stories.

And then there’s “You People.”

The film doesn’t flirt with woke asides or stop for Important Lessons on Race or the Patriarchy. Woke is built into the film’s DNA, intertwined with every scene.

That’s two strikes against most projects, but “You People” offers a brilliant cast to pull off its talking points. It’s not enough, sadly, even with Eddie Murphy showing he hasn’t lost an ounce of his comic brio.

Jonah Hill stars as Ezra, a 30-something Jewish man whose dating life has hit a rough spot. No one seems to “get” him, and even the women who seem like prime dating material can’t make his heart flutter.

Then he meets (cute)...

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Jan 28th 2023
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