Pleasantly surprised
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What a bold attempt at a film, when I found this film on Zeitgeist, I was expecting a biopic, I assumed I may have seen this film already, but that's a completely different Beethoven film that makes him look like a buffoon. No this isn't so much a film, but a concert with small biographical details. Basically, we see Beethoven enter the palace of his patron, where he will perform his 3th symphony for the first time, along the way he gets into arguments, the listeners debate the value of his work, we see a short romance scene, the musicians debate if Napoleon will really bring change. Its a fairly good introduction to a demanding musical piece, by giving the viewers short snippets of drama and off-hand references to musical terms, your concentration is again free to return to the music and you feel like you understand much better what is going on. Equally the film is really about the music and there isn't really any attempt to push any kind of malicious agenda. So I recommend this to anyone who likes classical music.
Jan 13th 2023
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