Tár: Reflections on the Artist vs. the Hive

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Gore Vidal once said to Dwight McDonald, “You realize we have nothing more to say; only to add.”

I feel the same way in this review of Todd Field’s Tár, the recent film so artfully described in Trevor Lynch’s review (“The Talented Miss Tarr”), but the film made an immediate impression on me in terms of how it dealt with life and power when applied to art. I recall Lynch’s discomfort with Tár’s opening monologues which could, by virtue of their length and the fact of there being two in sequence, could easily kill a film. Lynch, however, said that they didn’t bother him, but that he found himself “squirming, not of boredom but because I absolutely hated these people.”

I agree, although the film would have lost nothing by being 20 minutes shorter. But...

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Jan 6th 2023
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