Died Suddenly: A Review

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Died Suddenly, the freely available anti-vax documentary produced by radio personality Stew Peters, promotes three theses regarding the COVID-19 vaccine: Itโ€™s both dangerous and deadly; our leaders have been dishonest about it; and it is part of a nefarious plan hatched by the world elite to depopulate the planet. The first thesis is a slam dunk, the second is a successful throw from the foul line, and the third resembles a three-point shot rattling off the rim. If youโ€™re a believer from the anti-vax choir going into this documentary, you will be even more so coming out. If youโ€™re a skeptic from the pro-vax crowd, this documentary will do little to persuade you. And if youโ€™re undecided, you will find Died Suddenly compelling enough to warrant more research into this divisive...

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Dec 1st 2022
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