The Little Mermaid Trailer SLAMMED By Fans! Is Ariel The Problem?
00:02 "... backlash to the little mermaid trailer ..."
00:11 "... remake of the little mermaid and at the ..."
01:20 "... obviously this being the little mermaid ..."
06:39 "... also the little mermaid was based off a ..."
07:16 "... mermaid it's the little mermaid which ..."
08:29 "... personally care that the little mermaid ..."

The trailer for the live action remake of The Little Mermaid has been released, and it looks like fans aren't happy! In this trailer reaction, we'll look at some of the red flags that have people concerned, from the music, to the visuals, and yes, the decision to race swap Ariel.

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Sep 14th 2022
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