‘Prey’ Review

Prey is a distinctly odd movie in that it simultaneously looks fantastic—director Dan Trachtenberg and cinematographer Jeff Cutter know how to frame a shot and pace a sequence—and cheaply ugly, with some truly clunky computer-generated animals through the first hour of the picture. But the beauty and the ugliness mask a larger issue, which is that Prey fundamentally misunderstands why Predator worked so well.

The basic appeal of Predator—and, to varying degrees, the films that followed—is simple: It posits scenarios in which apex human predators are brought into conflict with a nigh-on unstoppable intergalactic hunter loaded with both physical and technological advantages and says, more or less, “lol good luck.” You take human alphas and pit them against the scariest sonsabitches...

Proper Review
Aug 8th 2022
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