PART IV of OBI-WAN KENOBI, a STAR WARS series streaming on Disney+, shows Ben Kenobi and a friendly female spy trying to rescue 10-year-old Princess Leia from a prison fortress, where an evil inquisitor for the Empire is interrogating Leia. Part IV is one of the two best OBI-WAN KENOBI episodes and has an exhilarating, stirring rescue plot with wonderful moments of narrow escapes, heroism, sacrifice, and courage.

The episode opens with Ben and his new friend, an undercover spy named Tala, learning that Inquisitor Reva has taken 10-year-old Leia, to a fortified prison fortress on a water planet. They hatch a plan whereby Tala will infiltrate the base under the guise of her Imperial uniform. She will then help Ben sneak onto the base to help Leia escape, with Talaโ€™s help.

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Jun 27th 2022
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