Luca, 2021 - ★½

I'm torn. I like the sun-kissed glaze over old summer memories and childhood glory. I like how Disney chose to focus on a male-male friendship to go along with the chosen lighthearted aesthetic. Yet, so much of this film feels like it's slapped together and totally careless--perhaps an indirect complimentary factor to those "carefree days"--though I still can not get passed what the film lacks. One can tell which relationships Disney really likes, say the sisterly love found in Frozen or the mother-daughter relationship in Brave or even the father-son relationship in Finding Nemo. Luca and Onward have been Pixar's jab at the brotherly relationship (the latter even going a step farther and tossing in the father-son relationship once again), but neither of these latest iterations feel complete....

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Apr 28th 2022
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