Mere Availability: Movie Based on the Life of C.S. Lewis Comes to Streaming Platforms and DVD

Plugged In really liked 2021’s The Most Reluctant Convert: The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis. We liked it so much, in fact, that our team dubbed it the year’s Best Christian Movie. Based on a stage play written by Max McLean (who also starred in both the theater and film productions), the film checked many a box for us. Thoughtful and resonant, The Most Reluctant convert is the sort of film that encourages Christians and just might open a theological door for non-Christians, too. Our reviewer Bob Hoose called it a “nuanced experience worth having. And sharing.”

But ironically, the film was really hard to share.

The Most Reluctant Convert was only in a select number of theaters for a couple of weeks last year. It came and went quickly and, because of its relatively low theater...

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Apr 25th 2022
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