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Summary: Onoff is a famous writer who hasn't published any new books for quite some time and has become a recluse. When he is picked up by the police one stormy night, without any identification, out of breath and running madly, without cl...
Runtime: 1 h 48 min

Countries: Italy, France
Domestic: $ 190,749
Summary: A lonely art expert working for a mysterious and reclusive heiress finds not only her art worth examining.
Runtime: 2 h 11 min

Country: Italy
Movie budget: $ 13,500,000
Domestic: $ 100,035
International: $ 20,819,668
Summary: A brave young man is thrust into adulthood as he and his courageous team of sled dogs embark on a grueling and treacherous cross-country marathon.
Runtime: 1 h 48 min

Country: United States
Domestic: $ 21,006,361
Summary: Wrongfully accused of a bank robbery, a writer seeks the help of his ex-wife, who is now married to the soon-to-be Attorney General of California.
Release Date: December 19, 1980
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Runtime: 1 h 42 min

Country: United States
Domestic: $ 43,995,918
Summary: Stรฉphane is an emotionally distant but professionally dedicated violin restorer whose cold heart is tested when his employer's new girlfriend, a beautiful violinist, falls for him.
Runtime: 1 h 45 min

Country: France
Domestic: $ 1,605,437
Summary: Rose, a mostly sweet and lonely Irish driving instructor, must use her supernatural talents to save the daughter of Martin (also mostly sweet and lonely) from a washed-up rock star who is using her in a Satanic pact to reignite hi...
Runtime: 1 h 34 min

Countries: Ireland, Belgium
Domestic: $ 164,346
International: $ 59,552
Summary: Teenager Jesse becomes reunited with Willy two years after the whale's jump to freedom as the teenager tries to rescue the killer whale and other orcas from an oil spill.
Runtime: 1 h 35 min

Countries: France, United States
Franchise: Free Willy
Domestic: $ 30,077,111
Summary: Story of the early life of genius and Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman.
Runtime: 1 h 59 min

Country: United States
Domestic: $ 195,170
Summary: In London during World War II, this is the story of Wendy's daughter, Jane, who is kidnapped by Captain Hook and Peter Pan must come to the rescue.
Runtime: 1 h 12 min

Movie budget: $ 20,000,000
Domestic: $ 48,430,258
International: $ 66,691,723
Summary: New Jersey, 1950s. Two brothers run an Italian restaurant. Business is not going well as a rival Italian restaurant is out-competing them. In a final effort to save the restaurant, the brothers plan to put on an evening of incredi...
Runtime: 1 h 49 min

Country: United States
Movie budget: $ 4,100,000
Domestic: $ 12,008,376
Summary: A documentary that utilizes hundreds of hours of audio that Marlon Brando recorded over the course of his life to tell the screen legend's story.
Runtime: 1 h 43 min
MPAA: Unrated

Domestic: $ 425,831
International: $ 90,506
Summary: Several players from different backgrounds try to cope with the pressures of playing football at a major university. Each deals with the pressure differently, some turn to drinking, others to drugs, and some to studying.
Runtime: 1 h 52 min

Country: United States
Movie budget: $ 15,000,000
Domestic: $ 23,032,565
Summary: In a robot world, a young idealistic inventor travels to the big city to join his inspiration's company, only to find himself opposing its sinister new management.
Runtime: 1 h 31 min

Movie budget: $ 75,000,000
Domestic: $ 128,200,012
International: $ 134,311,478
Summary: A bookie is promoted to Hitman and seemingly excels at his new found job.
Runtime: 1 h 32 min

Country: United States
Domestic: $ 16,198
Summary: A team from the United States is going to compete against Korea in a Tae Kwon Do tournament. The team consists of fighters from all over the country - can they overcome their rivalry and work together to win?
Runtime: 1 h 37 min

Country: United States
Movie budget: $ 5,000,000
Domestic: $ 1,700,000
Summary: Eli is a burglar who is caught in the act by Twinkle, a crazy heiress who coerces him into a sexual relationship. Their violent break-up at the altar makes him a fugitive in search of a new identity. He lands in a trashy trailer p...
Runtime: 1 h 32 min

Country: United States
Domestic: $ 130,377
Summary: Four young friends, while taking a shortcut en route to a local boxing match, witness a brutal murder which leaves them running for their lives.
Runtime: 1 h 50 min

Countries: Japan, United States
Movie budget: $ 21,000,000
Domestic: $ 12,526,677
Summary: The film is a documentary about the demonstrations of students in Peking on the 4th of June 1989 for more democracy in the People's Republic which were ended by army forces. The story is told from students point of view.
Runtime: 1 h 23 min

Domestic: $ 44,536
Summary: A mother with seven sons feels like she's losing control of her life and her family. But personal pain and a troubled marriage fade into the background as news comes that one of her sons might have died in an accident.
Runtime: 1 h 38 min

Country: United States
Domestic: $ 1,618,282
Summary: Two political speechwriters fall in love before they find out they are working for candidates on opposite sides.
Runtime: 1 h 39 min

Country: United States
Movie budget: $ 38,000,000
Domestic: $ 20,667,959