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Summary: Based on the lives of June and Jennifer Gibbons, real-life identical twins who grew up in Wales and became known as "the silent twins" because of their refusal to communicate with anyone but each other.
Runtime: 1 h 53 min

Domestic: $ 205,135
International: $ 93,072
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Summary: 1937 Warsaw, Poland. The Jewish mafia rules the city. Head honcho is gangster socialist, Buddy Kaplica. His right-hand man, boxer, Jakub Szapiro who dreams of taking over Buddy's top spot as King of Warsaw.
Release Date: November 06, 2020
Genres: Crime, Drama
Runtime: 1 h 00 min

Country: Poland
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Summary: Daniel experiences a spiritual transformation in a detention center. Although his criminal record prevents him from applying to the seminary, he has no intention of giving up his dream and decides to minister a small-town parish.
Runtime: 1 h 55 min
MPAA: Unrated

Countries: Poland, France
Domestic: $ 127,240
International: $ 9,816,661
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Summary: Three European countries. Three post-communist cities, Odessa, Warsaw and Prague. Three young women murdered. Within days, their bodies - or parts of them - are found. Their throats have been cut. Their bodies mutilated and always...
Release Date: June 09, 2019
Genre: Crime
Runtime: 0 h 56 min

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Summary: A fun weekend turns into madness and horror for a bunch of groupies looking for fun in a beaver infested swamp.
Runtime: 1 h 17 min

Country: United States
Domestic: $ 14,947
International: $ 40,038
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Summary: A novice nun about to take her vows uncovers a family secret dating back to the German occupation.
Runtime: 1 h 22 min

Domestic: $ 3,827,060
International: $ 7,329,776
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Summary: Norwegian archaeologist Sigurd Svendsen forms a small team and sets off to find the true meaning of the secret runes found carved in rock and accidentally awakens a giant monster.
Runtime: 1 h 40 min

Country: Norway
Movie budget: $ 38,500,000
Domestic: $ 1,369
International: $ 3,719,976
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Summary: The adventures of young William Adama in the First Cylon War.
Runtime: 1 h 31 min
MPAA: Unrated

Country: United States
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Summary: A Polish Jewish musician struggles to survive the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto of World War II.
Runtime: 2 h 30 min

Movie budget: $ 35,000,000
Domestic: $ 32,572,577
International: $ 87,500,000