Hey Reddit, Watcha Doin?

Okay, hear me out.

>September, 2021
>no one knows about ZR
>get ≈10 visitors per day, ≈5 were from webdevs/admin
>suddenly an unhinged review calling for violence is posted
>reads like the cartoon image sh*tlibs have of Christians
>the very next day, that review is posted on Reddit
>one of the first replies is from a sock puppet account
>account has a history of trying to get people banned/arrested
>big surprise, they try to get ZR shut down for hate speech
>plan backfires and now ZR gets free publicity every couple of months by useful idiots reposting it
>September, 2022
>ZR is somewhat known
>supposed unhinged Christian has never posted again since that day
>ZR now has a steady community of regular posters
>every time Reddit moans we get 10,000+ visitors
>now ZR averages ≈100 visits a day, and is increasing
>get tired of NPC lefties thinking we’re a Ben Shapiro fan club site
>get tired of cuckservatives naysaying our IdEnTiTy PoLiTiCs
>change name to ZR, keep same bias and mission
>site continues to grow

Thank you! “No such thing as bad publicity” as they say. <3



In any event, this is an obscure niche website that suddenly gets a psychopathic review with violent rhetoric one day, and the very next day gets posted on Reddit. Really gets the noggin’ joggin.


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