Star Trek: Discovery Season Premiere Review

Well by now it's on its sixth or seventh episode, but when Star Trek: Discovery's premiere came out I did review it like I did with The Orville because hey, I'm a huge Star Trek fan and I had to at least give it a shot despite my poor first impressions from trailers and such.

Like with The Orville, I did my level best to give it a chance to prove me wrong.  Despite the tone, the weird look with the Klingons, the SJW nonsense with the casting decisions, and the political commentary by the cast and crew, I went into it hoping for a good show because I wanted to see good Star Trek again.

Sadly, Discovery is not good Star Trek. Frankly this show isn't Star Trek at all.  It doesn't even fit in with the JJ Abrams reboot, which itself already turned Star Trek's...

Contains Mention
Oct 26th 2017
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