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Out of all the anime's I have watched over the years this might very well be the one I have laughed out loud the most to. In particular I would recommend the dub as Goblin Slayers voice actor does a great job.

Goblin Slayer is more or less an extremely dark comedy that is a partial parody of DnD and fantasy anime's. The main character (Goblin Slayers) family and village were destroyed by Goblins as a child and he has developed an autistic obsession with killing him. Therefore despite being one of the best fighters and adventurers in the world he will only take on Goblin related quests which most adventurers consider beneath them.

His autism and general sigma male nature winds up attracting a wide range or qt's and his indifference to them only makes them more drawn to him. Overall really fun series even if you don't normally like anime.

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Feb 8th 2022
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