Harrowing ‘Shut In’ Will Surprise Just About Everyone

The home invasion thriller remains a genre staple, even in the age of Ring doorbells and security systems.

Movies like “Hush” show the horror of having someone in your home who isn’t welcome. So when The Daily Wire announced “Shut In,” it seemed like a solid B-movie bet from the upstart platform.

Except the right-leaning streamer had something else in mind.

“Shut In” is a character study bedecked with slick thriller trappings. It also boasts the return of Vincent Gallo, adding an incendiary spark to a story that was sizzling already, thank you.

Rainey Qualley stars as Jessica, a single mom preparing her children to move out of their temporary home. Jessica is clean after a stint in rehab, but it’s clear the parental odds are stacked...

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Feb 2nd 2022
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