Brilliant show that made me overlook the few pozzed parts
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I generally agree with what the IMBD reviews are saying about the story and animation so I'll keep this part short: The animation is incredible and the show is a masterpiece of visual storytelling. Instead let me elaborate on the themes we are here for. The good
  • Nobody is perfect and all characters have shortcomings regardless of race/gender (except for 1 imo. see: The bad). They all have good and bad character traits.
  • Men are not depicted as fools, weaklings or pure evil for once. Although the main villain starts out in typical bad guy fashion, the audience gets to understand his pov more and more as the show goes on.
  • The importance of fathers is a big theme in the show.
  • Although the central theme of the show is class warfare, both sides of the conflict have a similar racial mix. In fact, the "oppressed" people are overwhelmingly white while the elite upper city has 2/7 black council members.
  • Despite the fact that the show is about class warfare, the writers do a decent job depicting both sides fairly and try to get us to sympathize with both.
  • The main black council member is not a typical snarky sassy black woman for once. She is elegant, feminine, attractive and smart but manipulative and corrupt. I personally like this change of pace.
The bad
  • The one character that is universally depicted as "good" is the only black male (Ekko) in the show. However, he does not have very much screen time.
  • Race swapping: As someone familiar with the game characters I've noticed some subtitle race shenanigans going on. Caitlyn is suddenly a hapa, Jayce looks slightly more tanned and Ekko's hair has been changed from spiky punk to the stereotypical dreads. His important moments in the show are also stereotypically accompanied by rap music.
  • At one point a teenage girl beats up like a dozen adults in a row. Yes she's had training, yes she is wearing metal gloves but it's still not believable imo.
  • Most of the fighting is done between women. The only main character man/woman fight is between the black kid and a white girl (similarly ranked in the oppression olympics so it's acceptable?). White men are mostly beating up random mobs. Great job at avoiding to tackle the muscle imbalance between men and women I suppose?
  • You can tell they tried to force a lesbian relationship in there but it is shrouded in a mist of plausible deniability because the show has to cater to China.
Conclusion Despite the bad, I really enjoyed this show as it wasn't trying to push a political agenda for once. Would be 5/5 without the bad but I guess RIOT/Fortiche had to put it in to appease netflix. Don't give netflix money, watch for free ;)
Jan 21st 2022
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