Film Review: "The Green Knight" 2021

The last time I visited London, some four years ago, a curious thought struck me. I was traveling through a part of London that is heavily Muslim (Pakistani, Bangladeshi, etc), so the people around me were all the various shades of brown of the sub-continent yet they were coming and going from these glorious Edwardian and Victorian era buildings. It was quite the juxtaposition. The burqa clad women picking their children up from outside a regal Edwardian era schoolhouse and then living in accommodation once designed for the working class white Londoners of 200 years ago. It was as if they were squatting in the ruins of a civilization they could never truly understand. The same thought strikes me about the use of the multi-racial cast in David Lowery’s 2021 Arthurian retelling of “The Green...

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Jan 20th 2022
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