Popcorn With Zenger: Florence Pugh Steals ‘Black Widow’ From Scarlett Johansson

  By Jacob Smith The long-awaited release of Disney’s latest big-budget superhero adventure begs the question: How much longer can the Magic Kingdom’s Marvel unit keep the longest-running cinematic soap opera going?

Two years ago, Marvel released “Avengers: Endgame,” a film that felt like the true conclusion of a cinematic universe that has stretched out over 23 films in 13 years. The only problem was that Disney has no plans on stopping the creation of nine-figure CGI superhero films. As a matter of fact, the company has committed to at least 10 more films over the next 4 years. But have audiences had enough of comic books and spandex? Disney was hoping to get an answer with the release of “Black Widow,” a movie that comic book fans had waited 10...

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Jul 9th 2021
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