Popcorn With Zenger: ‘Escape Room: Tournament Of Champions’ Nothing But A Cash Grab

  By Jacob Smith “Escape Room: Tournament Of Champions” is a movie that only exists because the first film made money.


Leave it to the madmen of Hollywood to attempt to create a franchise based on a gaming fad that has already faded away. Two years ago, Sony Pictures released “Escape Room,” a film that was produced for the dirt-cheap production budget of $9 million and turned a massive box office profit of over $150 million, giving producers all the justification needed to green-light a sequel. The inaugural film managed to secure mediocre reviews while drawing comparisons to “Saw” albeit a PG-13 version. The fact that the “Saw” franchise itself has oversaturated the market with torture porn didn’t slow down the filmmakers from tossing...

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Jul 14th 2021
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