Popcorn With Zenger: ‘The Card Counter’ Is A Mesmerizing Exploration Of The Human Condition

  By Jacob Smith With the 20-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks looming, now seems like the perfect time to release a film about the treatment of terrorists at Guantanamo Bay detention camp (several 9/11 plotters are held there). But this isn’t just any social commentary movie that puts people like then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld back under national scrutiny after his death — this one happens to be executive-produced by legendary director Martin Scorsese.


Though Scorsese might seem to be the only draw for this movie, narrative-wise, it isn’t a bad story. How would you view life if you believed yourself to be irredeemable? Some people never recover on their road to redemption, especially those in the U.S. military. The government provides...

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Sep 10th 2021
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