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Anime has been a degenerate force on men in the world, especially the West. It likely plays a role in the transexual pandemic of young men becoming  autogynephilic - the attraction to the idea of themselves as a female. As well as an obsession with neoteny that creates a slippery-slope to pedophilia with things like "lolicon." The only thing Vinland Saga is guilty of in this regard is at most the creation or maintenance of an interest in anime that could lead to these two horrific phenomena. That disclaimer aside, anime is also a powerful and expressive art form that has immense potential. This is realized in Vinland Saga. The show covers the Norse invasions of England around 1000 AD, an important and underappreciated era of European history. This era has become popular recently but Vinland Saga shows greater and more accurate detail than most, for instance, the History Channel's show "Vikings." Vinland Saga contains no leftist, degenerate, or demoralizing propaganda. It contains stylized violence and deep themes about battle, honor, loyalty, and what it means to be a warrior. It necessarily glorifies battle yet brings the necessity of battle into question at times. This is an important subject for young men. It can be virtuous to fight, or excessive and cruel. There is a golden-mean of war and violence. It also tangles with the interaction of Paganism and Christianity of the era. It doesn't attempt to demonize either, but it depicts interest and dismissal of Christianity by Pagans. I give it 0/5 for "Anti-God Themes." If it brings Christianity into question, it only does so by a depiction of, historically accurate, doubt and by contrasting it with a competing system. It is by no means "Anti-God" or "Anti-Christian," at least explicitly. There is likely a deeper bias implanted in the show but I have yet to formally find it. I have a feeling it is likely pro-Christian but subtly. At the time I write this, the show as a 0.72/5 for its Family Friendly criteria. This isn't a show you would watch with the whole family, but it is quite appropriate for young boys (7+) to watch with their father. The themes of vengeance, courage, and the horror and value of war are important subjects for boys to begin engaging young, even if some of the deep themes elude them. The violence is stylized and its a cartoon, so it isn't traumatic. Although Vinland Saga is Japanese in origin and there will necessarily be a foreign lens, perhaps one that never fully understands Europeanism, it's made with admiration and good faith. Vinland Saga is a great way for Europeans to engage an era of their history. And perhaps there is universal wisdom for men from any race.
Jan 15th 2022
This review was posted from Japan or from a VPN in Japan.
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