"Overcoming Evil with Sacrificial Love"Content: +4 Biblical, usually Christian, worldview, with no questionable elements whatsoever.

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What You Need To Know:The 1935 classic A TALE OF TWO CITIES is a brilliant version of the Charles Dickens novel. In the story, Sydney Carton, an alcoholic British lawyer in 1780 falls for Lucie Manette, whose father spent 18 years in prison for helping peasants abused by a wealthy French family, led by an evil Marquis. Lucie is being courted by Charles Darnay, who has denounced his uncle, the Marquis, and renounced the family name. Lucie marries Charles after Sydney saves Charles from being convicted of treason in England. When the French Revolution breaks out, the leftist revolutionaries trick Charles into visiting...

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Jul 1st 2020
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