Why ‘Solo’ Is Paint-By-Numbers ‘Star Wars’ Fan Fiction

The cogs behind Disney’s massive “Star Wars” investment have never been so … obvious.

It’s foolish to ignore the marketing might behind the space saga. Every step of the franchise is examined and re-examined, all to ensure maximum profit and vitality. The stakes are far too high for any other approach.

And, given the excellence of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” the results sometimes speak for themselves.

Still, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” feels more like a promotional giveaway than a bona fide movie. That doesn’t mean it’s a dud. Not even close. It’s merely everything a fanboy might concoct from a Han Solo origin tale.

The franchise deserves better. So do we.

We first meet the young Han Solo (Alden...

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May 25th 2018
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