Why I'm Rooting For The Dead On 'The Walking Dead'

  Why I’m Rooting For The Dead On ‘The Walking Dead’ If this is humanity, it's not worth saving March 17, 2014 By David Harsanyi Warning! This piece contains spoilers. But let’s be honest, nothing spoils The Walking Dead quite like watching The Walking Dead. Boring is one thing – and, boy, the show’s been tedious at times – but cheap nihilism is another. We might be able to collectively suspend our disbelief and accept that the sloth-like undead can nullify society, but believing conscious humans can be this dumb and immoral is a bit more difficult to swallow. Though hardly an original premise, the show’s first season’s set-up — Rick Grimes waking up from a coma to find himself in an apocalyptic zombie-infested Georgia — was a fantastic way to kick off...

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Mar 17th 2014
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